Diana +Harry= darcy part 1 (finished)

When she was seven she saw her dead mom and still des to this day how does harry feel read this book to find out .


13. best friends

*Harry's p.o.v*

i called the teacher and i told her what happen she said "no i think i know what my little girl did" i started to get reall mad " you know if you were a real teacher i would think you not believe everything your little girl says" and i hung up . then the door bell rung . i went to go and get it i open the door and a little girl came up she was brown almost black ,had black hair "hi is Darcy home" i smiled "you must be Diana ya come in" she came in the house and Darcy ran up "Diana!" they ran up and hugged each other. i got the remote and put on some music."daddy,can Diana spend the night " i looked at her " if her parents say yes " she smiled "OK hurry Diana , i  want you to spend the night " she got a peice of paper and dial the number in the living room phone

"she can spend the night but her mom is coming to bring her stuff "

after a couple of minutes .the door bell rung it was Diana's mom "thank you for keeping her hear" i looked at her "why ,whats going on?" she looked at me  "we are trying to move and Diana is just not ready " she looks at me  in a sad way and hands me her bag and said bye and left the front step. i went to the girls room and knocked on the door and Darcy turns around and runs up too me "is that Diana's stuff?" she ask.i put the stuff down "yea its her stuff " she looked at me  confused "are you ok Mr. styles" Diana ask . i fell to the ground hitting my head  "daddy !"  I feel into a deep sleep

I woke up in the hospital I felt the back of my head and saw  Darcy and Diana talking to a lady out side I  called her name and she ran into the hospital room "daddy you are alive" I smiled and  gave her  a hug and the lady came in and  looked at me "Mr.styles  your daughter saved your life " I  smiled and held her and in my arms and Diana comes in crying I look at her and wonderd what is wrong 

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