Diana +Harry= darcy part 1 (finished)

When she was seven she saw her dead mom and still des to this day how does harry feel read this book to find out .


16. afraid


*Harry's p.o.v*

"DARCY....DARCY" i went around looking for her  i was going crazy. i called the lads "guys i cant find Darcy " they hung up and i saw zayn walk up with the boys walk up . " do you know wear she likes to go"i thought " i know wear she is " i started to drive

*Darcy's  p.o.v*

after the dinner we had a dance party but the boy with blue eyes... wow he is cute "Darcy do you want to dance? " i smiled "yes" he grabbed my hand  and we started to dance, the mom is sitting watching us dance the door knocked  i opened the door "dad?" he grabbed me and told the blue eyed kid name Nash   his mom sorry i cried and he kissed my hand good bye .i waved by to him  and we head home . i run into the house my dad tring to get me, i fell to the ground and my dad pulls me up and puts my on his shoulder and puts me on my bed " why Darcy?" i start to cry "at lease you are not weird " he looked at my and grabbed my arm "you are not weird , i am the weird on i don't get to see my grand poppy " i ran up to dad and hugged him " he said that he misses you" i felt his tears on me "it is time for bed " he put me in my bed and put the blanket over me "love you darcy" and kissed my four head  and turned of the light . i fell asleep



"yes Darcy " will dad ever know? she smiled "he will just wait you will see we will be together again " i clap my hands and hugged my mom

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