The last light of humanity. The last city on earth. Outside the walls is a vast frontier, occupied by savage and deadly forces. And only a chosen few are picked from the city, to go out and destroy this fury. One of these chosen is Izidora, a grizzled bounty hunter and esteemed veteran, assigned to take out a proclaimed marauder, antagonizing the safety of the people of the city. But, a dark secret is unfolded, and the tantalizing truth about the city and it's leader that will change everything.


7. Chapter 7

After several gruelling and bitter hours of travel, there came hill of a gritty red. The area was barren of life and movement, only the dead plants blowing in the winds. It was hugely mountainous, ridges and cliffs spanning the entire area. 

"We should be able to see it over this last hill." Izzy called down to Cerberus, marching up the dusty slope. Cerberus was feeling a bottomless pit of regret, doubt and anxiety. His hands shook like a tremor, and sweat was escaping through his skin. He plodded along behind her, his head racing full of thoughts of disapproval and the shame upon his name. Doubt became a like a sickness in his heart, and he slowed down his pace. Izzy was yet still skipping up the dusty hill, cheer bellowing through her. She could sit down in her bed, sleep and eat her luxury foods like chocolate and nice glass of wine. She then smiled as the horizon revealed the glowing white city. "We're here!" she squeaked.

Cerberus looked up, marching up the hill with long strides. Closer he got to Izzy's side, he could see pointed towers and skyscrapers. Vehicles hovered around the top of the city, buzzing around like flies. The walls were tall and a glistening marble colour, with reinforcements of large chunks of steel patterned along it regularly. He gulped. 
"Izzy, maybe this isn't such a-" his hesitation was halted by Izzy's enthusiasm. 

"Come on Cerb!" she cheered, sliding down the other side of the hill towards the city. Cerberus huffed, swallowed his apprehension and slid down after her.

Walking to the gates, Cerberus' scepticism was bottling up in his mind like a time bomb. His head was down and looking straight at the floor, his hood shadowing his masked helmet. Izzy's chin, however, was raised high as one of the two soldiers at the gate put a hand out to her.

"Halt. State your business." he demanded. 

"My name is Izidora. My last name is classified." she arrogantly countered. "I was sent by the High Lord himself to track down a rogue." She handed him a small tablet like screen, and the solder scrolled through it, nodding. 

"Alright. And who is that behind you?" he said, not looking up from the tablet. 

"This is a colleague of mine. He helped me kill the Outlaw." she replied. Cerberus said nothing, his head still sharply down. 

"Hm... fine. You may enter." The large gates slowly creaked open with electronic moans and whines. Cerberus and Izzy stepped through to a long hall that lead into the city. The hall was dotted with men on either side, their rifles inertly at an angel across their chests. They bared facial protection like paintball masks made of synthetic fibres. They said no words, nor did they move is if they were statues as Cerberus and Izzy strolled on. 
Walking through the streets was less daunting, as Izzy was passing everybody with a happy face. Cerberus' time bomb, still ticking. 

"How far to the Red Hall?" Cerberus asked quietly over Izzy's shoulder. She looked back at him, a smile still on her face.

"From here? About a 10 minute walk. Not far at all." she then frowned and stopped. "Hey, what's up?" Cerberus said nothing back to her, still hiding his identity from everyone. "Cerb?" 

"Keep walking..." he growled. 

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