The last light of humanity. The last city on earth. Outside the walls is a vast frontier, occupied by savage and deadly forces. And only a chosen few are picked from the city, to go out and destroy this fury. One of these chosen is Izidora, a grizzled bounty hunter and esteemed veteran, assigned to take out a proclaimed marauder, antagonizing the safety of the people of the city. But, a dark secret is unfolded, and the tantalizing truth about the city and it's leader that will change everything.


4. Chapter 4

In a concrete walled room, stuffed with weapon racks and other forms of military gear, Izzy was strapping on a small jacket of body armour, clipping it at her waist and tightening its fit. Across her chest and over the jacket, she had a leather strap that held pouches with ordnance and other specialist equipment, like magazines for her weapons. Over this, she slipped on a coal black cloak. She tied back her hair firmly, placing rather transparent, misty blue glasses onto here head, flashing with lights and small images in the spectacles. As she began to walk out of the room, she took a large sniper rifle, an assault rifle and a pistol from the wall, placing the pistol in a holster under her cloak and strapping the sniper rifle to her back diagonally, and carrying the assault rifle with a stern grip. To say she was geared to teeth was an understatement as she finally marched out of the thick metal door.

Outside the door was a jet like aircraft, growling its red hot engines on a flat platform, looking over the city. There was a large door on the side of it, just under its wing, wide open. Izzy started to walk to it, the wind blowing back her ponytail and fringe frantically. Outside of the door, the High Lord was waiting for her, his face still masked. As she was about to enter, the High Lord tapped her on the shoulder.

"Good luck Izidora. We are relying on you." he said gently.

"Thank you my Lord." she replied, hopping onto the aircraft. She slumped onto a seat, facing inwards to the door, just behind the pilot's cockpit.

"Eagle eye, are we ready to proceed for take off?" the pilot called down his microphone. The men in the watch tower observing the aircraft, replied back firmly and clearly.

"Anvil 2-3, you are clear for take off."

"Roger that Eagle Eye." the pilot turned his head around to Izzy. "We're about to take off! Make sure you are firmly strapped in." Izzy tightened her seatbelt, before putting a thumbs up to the pilot. "Lifting in 3-2-1." As he finished the countdown, the engines roared underneath the aircraft, lifting it up vertically and slowly, before they turned horizontal, letting it shoot off with a blast of heat and flame.

After a short flight, the aircraft approached a stop, with the pilot saying his last words to Izzy as she sat up from of her seat.

"We're dropping you out in the suspected area your target is. You'll have to find him from here. Once you're out of this aircraft, you're on your own! Good luck!" he yelled with encouragement. Izzy opened the door, with the jet hovering just above the ground. She skipped out, landing on the hard ground onto one knee, rifle still grasped. She looked up to see the jet raise higher into the air, and setting course back home. When the jet was far out of sight, there was a sense of peaceful and sinister quiet. The wind spoke, blowing into her ears. The sky clouded with grey. It was eerie to Izzy.

"Let's get this over with." she whispered to herself, strolling forward with a glare of determination in her eyes. It was a small village of thatched horses and stone brick, all wrecked and dismayed. She walked down the main street, passing broken houses and dead greenery. Smashed glass and graffiti infected each building, with rusting cars outside each house. Vines and ivy grew everywhere like a virus, tight around every nook and crevasse. She kept walking, letting none of the fear engulf her. She still proceeded down the street, coming to a building that looked untouched. A small church of stone lay dormant, completely unharmed by the savage pestilence the rest of the village had come to. She decided to begin her search there, yet little did she know she was already being watched from one of the houses.

As she gently pushed open the door of the church, it squeaked with pain. From what could be seen with the naked eye, the entire interior was intact like the outside. Not disturbed. Izzy took this moment to walk to the alter and down the aisle in tranquillity whilst she still had some. She stroked the dust off of one of the seats, and looked at the stained glass windows of a small baby and his mother beautifully etched into the glass. The sunlight shone the colours down onto her, alighting her eyes with a sense of hope.

"Wow. The things we used to worship. I wonder why they banned Christianity." she chatted to herself, lifting her glasses onto the top of her head. Soon, her enclosure was disrupted by a click and a shallow voice. 

"Because they were afraid." a man called subtly from across the church. Izzy whipped around, her rifle raised to the interruption, until a surge of doubt pulsed through her body at the sight. A man in lustrous chrome robes and hood that went down to his knees, had a large revolver pointed directly at her. The body armour underneath the robes was black with bits that stuck out from where his muscles excelled. There was a very strange looking assault rifle hanging down from his shoulder, with all kinds of accessories and fine decoration on it like ribbons and patterns. Lastly, he wore a helmet that shadowed his face, the middle being a very dull cream colour like his trousers and the tips of his boots, with vibrant orange eyes that stared down Izzy, expressionless. He spoke once more, still his revolver aimed. "What are you doing here?" he said glumly. Izzy was stuck for words, she had never had a pistol at her head.

"I, uhhh... I'm on an explorer's mission, to investigate the Frontier." she answered, panic in her voice.

"Really? Most explorers I've seen didn't have a bulletproof jacket and three guns strapped to themselves." he declared firmly. Izzy panted, trying to keep her cool. "So bounty hunter, why is the city breathing down my neck?" he asked again. Knowing there was no way out, Izzy tried a vocal approach to him.

"Look, why don't you put that pistol down and we can talk?" she persuaded.

"Out here in the Frontier, this is how we talk."

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