The last light of humanity. The last city on earth. Outside the walls is a vast frontier, occupied by savage and deadly forces. And only a chosen few are picked from the city, to go out and destroy this fury. One of these chosen is Izidora, a grizzled bounty hunter and esteemed veteran, assigned to take out a proclaimed marauder, antagonizing the safety of the people of the city. But, a dark secret is unfolded, and the tantalizing truth about the city and it's leader that will change everything.


2. Chapter 2

As Izzy walked up the glowing white steps, she could see a colossal tower peeping over the horizon of the stairs. It was a tall and thin looking triangular shape, with metal supports on each side. She started to pant and huff, still following Mr. Bringston, who did not seem to be affected by the ever lasting climb. As Izzy finally reached the top in a panting mess, Mr. Bringston was happily standing at the side for her, still unaffected.

"Just through those doors Izidora. Have fun." Bringston muttered, trotting back down the stairs. Izzy, nearly dragging herself up the stairs, watched him in astonishment going down the stairs.

As she peeped through the doors, she could see a dark red walled room, with shining marble underneath her feet. The entire tower was a room, the ceiling seeming to go on and on. At the end of the room, was a small throne, to which stairs were lead up to. Sitting in it, was a man with a solid looking mask, unable to see his face through a reflective piece of glass, shadowing his identity. In a finely dressed gown, white with black trimmings. The High Lord of the city, the supreme ruler of the last souls of mankind. He noticed Izzy come in and spoke with a precise and shallow voice, echoing in the gaping room.

"Izidora. You are here." Izzy stumbled into the room, but decided to take a more relaxed approach.

"Hey, what's up?" she chattered nicely, waving her hand. The High Lord showed no sign of expression towards her.

"You're humours. I like that." he called rather emotionless. Izzy was mixed, she did not know whether he was serious or sarcastic. It was unnerving to her.

"Ummm, thank you." she muttered slowly. There was a long silence after this, neither spoke, leaving Izzy uncomfortable.

"Izidora, do you know why you are here?"

"Nope." she replied, emphasizing the 'p' with a pop. The High Lord again showed no sign of expression, still with a bleak aura.

"I see." he stated, "Let us walk and talk." He rose from his throne slowly, using both his arms' strength to push himself up from the seat. He strolled down the stairs and moved to the left of Izzy, heading towards a balcony. His steps were accurately placed, in time and precise with each pace. Izzy followed after him, picking up her pace to catch up with him. The High Lord placed his hands firmly on the railings of the balcony, looking over the city view. Izzy copied him.

"I have heard great things of your skills, bounty hunter. And this city is under threat. We are the last light of civilization, and it is fading. I need you to seek a target that I can trust no one else to." the High Lord exclaimed, not even glancing at Izzy next to him.

"Okay...  A little more information could be good. Like, who they are? Where I could find them? All of that kind of stuff."

"I need you to kill a man who I have heard has been causing trouble to our forces outside of the walls. You are to leave the city within two days. Don't come back till he is dead. You must understand Izidora that we must regain the offensive on those criminals outside of our walls."

"Alright... well I understand, but who exactly am I looking for? Know what he looks like?"
For a brief moment, the High Lord glanced at Izzy, but then turned back to the over view of the city.

"Some say he wears a cloak and hood of steel. A bright and glossy grey, like shining chrome. That is all I know I'm afraid." he softly spoke, turning back from the balcony and strolling back to his throne. Izzy didn't realize until after a few seconds, before once again, having to pick up her pace to catch up with him. "If you succeed, you will become legend. If you fail, this city will fall and the last light of civilization will go out. So... no pressure."




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