The last light of humanity. The last city on earth. Outside the walls is a vast frontier, occupied by savage and deadly forces. And only a chosen few are picked from the city, to go out and destroy this fury. One of these chosen is Izidora, a grizzled bounty hunter and esteemed veteran, assigned to take out a proclaimed marauder, antagonizing the safety of the people of the city. But, a dark secret is unfolded, and the tantalizing truth about the city and it's leader that will change everything.


11. Chapter 11

The two of them reached another forest, after two more days and two more nights of walking. A spruce wood, with tall and towering trees with spines as sharp as a porcupine's. It was still dark, with only a few rays of light sticking out of the puncture holes in the dense vegetation above. Izzy noticed some of the trees seemed to have bits of metal embedded in them and stuck out in irregular patterns. 

"Cerberus?" Izzy asked lightly.

"Aye?" he replied, letting his rifle hang behind his back as he looked up a tree. 

"Why... are there like, chunks of metal sticking out of these trees?" she questioned, running her hands along the trunk. Cerberus started to clamber up the tree, grabbing onto the bits of metal. 

"I hope you can climb!" he shouted from above. Izzy gazed up at him, and guessed why the metal was there. "Come on; up ya come." he grunted. She took grasp of the metal, and started to haul herself up. Her hands and feet slipped a few times, but she kept her hold on the rusty, damp metal. 

"Is this at all safe?" she ranted up to him. 

"Nope! I've fallen off twice before!" Cerberus started to disappear amongst the greenery as they were getting closer to the top. Izzy then completely lost site of him. 

"Cerberus?..." she hollered. "Cerb?!" 
Her calls were answered as a voice came from above her, unfamiliar. 

"He's up her, lassie!" the voice called. She was confused, and began to climb faster through the rough spines. As she peeked her head out of the foliage, she saw Cerberus, with his hood and mask down, revealing his scrappy, short hair and shadow on his chin, atop a platform of flat wooden planks like a treehouse. He was hugging an old man, long grey hair and a stumpy, fat beard. The old man wore tattered rags, but thick carbon gauntlets, carrying a pistol at his waist. 

"It's good to see you again, my lad." the man chuckled as he stepped away from the hug with a hand on Cerberus' shoulder. His voice was rustic, with a harsh Scottish accent.

"You haven't changed a bit, Sanguin. Not in the slightest." Cerberus heartedly stated, putting his hand on the old man's other shoulder. Only Izzy's head was peaking out of the bristles, and she called to them. 

"HEY!" the two men both turned to look at her. She rose up out of the dense shrubs and clambered upon the wooden platform. "Mind introducing me to your old fart over here?" she declared. Cerberus shook his head at her. 

"Watch yourself... You're already in enough trouble as it is..." Cerberus growled. Sanguin laughed, sticking out his hand to her. 

"Sanguin Marfus. Pleased to meet ya, young lady." 
Izzy was reluctant to shake his hand, but she grabbed it lightly and shook it politely, only before Sanguin retracted his hand in respite. "Oh... an Opulent, eh?" Izzy was confused. What did she do wrong? 


"You shook me hand, lass!" he said disgustedly. Cerberus stepped infront of him, glaring at Izzy. 

"Opulents shake each other's hands. Out here, Outlaws do this:" Cerberus and Sanguin clashed their hands together and clasped the thumbs of each other, holding on tightly. "It shows respect, and that you have each others' backs, and not the knife." The two let go. 

"Well how was I supposed to know?!" she complained. Sanguin ignored what she said and turned to Cerberus. 

"Cerberus, what are you doin' taking this... this Urban Weed out of her home?" 
Izzy's jaw dropped. 

"Urban WHAT?!" 

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