The last light of humanity. The last city on earth. Outside the walls is a vast frontier, occupied by savage and deadly forces. And only a chosen few are picked from the city, to go out and destroy this fury. One of these chosen is Izidora, a grizzled bounty hunter and esteemed veteran, assigned to take out a proclaimed marauder, antagonizing the safety of the people of the city. But, a dark secret is unfolded, and the tantalizing truth about the city and it's leader that will change everything.


1. Chapter 1

Izidora walked into her apartment and threw down her gym bag on the floor carelessly, letting the gear inside tumble out in a huge mess. She walked through the living room and she passed a mirror, getting a quick glance at herself. Rich-coal black hair was in a high messy bun that was half falling out, and her face shiny from sweat, from her delicate forehead to her soft rosey cheeks. She looked at herself with discontent, grabbing a hair brush and forcing her hair to get back into order, scraping it back into place. As she continued grind through the knots and tangles in her hair, a loud beeping noise filled Izidora's apartment, screaming to her. She jolted slightly, and spoke to activate the incoming call.

"Hello?" Izidora muttered, turning to face the hologram appearing on the kitchen counter.

"Hey Izzy! What's up?" cheered Izzy's friend Maggie. Maggie was a girl with hard brunette hair and twinkling eyes, one of Izzy's treasured companion.

"I Just got back from the gym. What about you?" Izzy replied, swinging the fridge door open and grabbing a bottle of water.

"Just about to go downtown to do some shopping, wanna to come?"

"Sure! I just have to get showered and changed and I'll meet you by the fountain downtown." Izzy exclaimed, taking a sip of her water. It was cool and glassy, sending a pleasant chill down her throat.

"Ok see ya!" Maggie finished before ending the call. Izzy took another big gulp of water and put the bottle down on the counter, before running upstairs to get ready.

Getting out of the shower, Izzy walked into her closet and chose out a pair of jeans, a light blue denim shirt along with a lurid yellow scarf. Strolling back into her bathroom, she pressed a button and a walked into a tall cylinder like chamber with clear glass for the walls. As she walked in, the door behind her shut gently and a gust of flowery perfume and make-up swarmed around her, wringing the pure beauty out of her. After about thirty seconds, the glass door slid open and Izzy walked out and looked into the mirror. Her jet black hair was now perfectly straight, glossy and neat, with her signature blue dip-dyed ends exaggerated with a bright neon colour and finally, her eyes where lightly lined with her typical slight cat eye. Pleased with her looks, she walked out of the bathroom and into her room, snatching her bag from on top of a chair, slipping on her black heeled boots before walking out the door.

The air was cold as Izzy stepped outside. Plunging into her music, starting to walk towards downtown. Minutes passed as she walked through the damp street light, she started to walk past a bar on her left, where she could hear yelling and slurred words pouring out the door and on the porch outside.

"It's only five in the afternoon and people are already getting drunk." Izzy thought, rolling her eyes in disgust. She started to walk a bit faster away from the bar, hoping not to be noticed. Just before she got pasted the bar she could hear a wolf whistle, making her blood boil with a slurred voice following it behind her.

"Hello there." the manly stranger cheered. Izzy continued walking, ignoring him. "Hey-hey! I want to get to know you babe!" he persisted. Izzy just started to walk a little bit faster and continued to ignore him. "Oi! I said listen to me!" the man yelled, grabbing her wrist. Izzy whipped around pulling out her headphones. 

"What?!" She hissed.

"Whoa there lass, no need to be bitchy!" he chuckled confidently. "Maybe you and I could ditch this bar and head to my place? Know what I'm saying?" he whispered, moving his other hand towards her waist.

"Fuck off." Izzy snapped, turning around sharply walking away from the drunk, heels clicking as they hit the sidewalk.

"Oh no you don't!" He bellowed, dashing after her and clenching her by the arm. Izzy, who was fuming with rage, round-house kicked him in the side and knocked out his knees. 

"I thought I told you to fuck off." she growled, looking down at the pathetic man. By this time, all the men crowded around the scene. Izzy started to walk away looking proud with herself, but two men blocked her path like a brick wall.

"Where do you think your going?" one of the men grinned.

"Could you move please?" Izzy muttered, trying to move past them.

"Afraid not darling." the other man chuckled, gripping her left shoulder with force. Izzy lost patience, like a fuse to a stick of dynamite. She stood on her hands, bolting her legs in a horizontal line, her heals digging into both mens' jaw bones, making there faces crack. More men started to pour on her, but she took them down, blow by blow with attacks and counter-attacks, like lightning strikes with her fists and legs; hitting skulls, stomachs and limbs, making the men fall to their knees in agony. Their groaning bodies laid on top of one another, in a perfect circle around Izzy where they attempted to surround her.

As her guard soon relaxed, more footsteps pattered their way behind Izzy. As she heard them, her ears pricked as she snapped around and her fist collided with someone's jaw. Everyone on the street and in the bar gasped at the sight.

"Ow! Hey, hey, hey! I'm not here to do what ever those men were about to do to you! Calm down! Damn!" whined a man, placing his had to where she struck.

"Oh my god! I'm so sorry Mr. Bringston!" Izzy exclaimed when she realized who she just punched. Gary Bringston, a formal military general of the city. He wore a heavy bullet-proof jacket and wielded a rifle across his chest.

He chuckled "Its okay Izidora. By the looks of what just happened, I don't blame you for being paranoid." 

"How do you know my name?" Izzy questioned, looking at him suspiciously with one eyebrow raised.

"The High Lord requested me to come find you and bring you to him."

"Wait... come again?!" Izzy muttered breathlessly.

"Just come with me Izidora. Don't you worry, you have done nothing wrong." Mr. Bringston said as he walked towards the black and formal looking car on the otherside of the road.











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