This isn't happening

What happens when Harry and Draco decide to take break from the wizarding world together? Will Ginny ever get over Harry's announcement? Find out here in This isn't happening!


10. It's not the end. It's never the end.

Chapter 10 ~ It's not the end. It's never the end.


*Harry's P.O.V*

Draco woke me up with a soft kiss on the nose.

"Morning sleepy head." He whispered.

"Morning." I replied.

I rolled over and kissed him back on the mouth hard.

"I love you." Draco murmured in between kisses.

"I love you more." .

We spent another two hours in bed.

When we finally got out we went out and decided to explore Spain.

As we excited the hotel I noticed the scorching heat that we didn't have in our penthouse. The ground was almost a dark red bordering on orange. There were flowers everywhere, reds, whites, yellows and pinks caught my eyes. The Spanish were all friendly.

"Hola's" Were being exchanged all over the place.

Draco pulled me down an alley that was lacking in all the gorgeousness that seemed to be everywhere else, he seemed to know where he was going?

"Here we are." He murmured to him self.

We came out the other end of alley and we came to a road, Draco still had hold of my hand and he was soon pulling me across to the other side. 

Before I could even ask where we were he had walked through the door of a house. Where were we?

"Draco?" I questioned.


We walked past a flight of stairs into a kitchen and Draco walked straight into the arms of a tall male, he had dark black hair and he looked like he was still in his p-Jama's. My heart stopped.

"Harry, this is Dantae."

Dantae nodded and kissed the top of Draco's head. I guess Draco saw my hurt face as he smiled at me.

"You really didn't think what we had was real did you?" His cold voice cut through the air.

I stayed silent.

"You were just a fill in until I got back to Dantae and you helped me do that. You were an excuse to come to Spain."

"But... we.."

"It all meant nothing." 

"I'm sorry." Dantae said in a think voice.

I ignored him and just turned around. I just kept walking and walking. It all meant nothing.

Words just kept replaying in my head. Nothing.

I needed to go. I needed to forget all of this but it wouldn't end, because it's not the end. It's never the end.


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