Alaska Granger // Hermione's twin

Alaska Brooks lives in a foster home with 5 other siblings, she gets dumped by her boyfriend in a deserted place and she walks around until she sees this magnificent castle with students wearing cloaks and walking around with brooms, she didn't know if this was real or not. Alaska then meets Hermione Granger, who looks exactly like her and questions if she is a witch or not.


1. Hogwarts? Or ruins?


"Alaska you have to stop being so dramatic," my boyfriend, Thomas said. My name is Alaska Brooks, I'm 15 and in a foster house. I have dark brown hair that goes lighter as it reach the bottom of my hair. I have freckles and light brown eyes, I'm 5'5 and pretty smart. I, ended up dating an asshole named Thomas Clarke. He's 17. I caught him cheating on me and we decided to talk about it while as we drove to this deserted part of London. 

"What do you mean, dramatic?! You cheated on me with my sister!" I yelled as he lit his cigarette, 

"Well she's not your real sister since you don't really have a sister," he said shrugging, I lost it and suddenly the whole cigarette lit on fire causing him to burn, I don't know who did that but that was a great show to watch. 

"What the hell did you do, Laska?!" he shouted, 

"I WAS RIGHT HERE YOU ASSHOLE!" I said, I was like 5 meters away from him, suddenly he went in his car and said,

"Have fun finding your way back!" he said before driving off, I mentally cursed and wanted to chase after him but there was absolutely no point. Here I was wearing my black and white baseball tee with my ripped jeans (they were black) and my vans in the middle of who knows where, lost. 

"Goddammit," I whispered and started to wander around, hoping it will lead me somewhere. This is absolutely abrasive for a 17 year old guy to leave his 15 year old girlfriend, well, ex, all alone with nothing but her Chapstick to save her. 

"I'm going to kill that asshole," I said to myself, I did what I did when I get scared, I simply sat down. I stared at the night sky and wished upon a star, that it will lead me somewhere. I sighed. 

"You're such an idiot," I said to myself even louder, as if someone was there with me. I was sitting right there for about 5 hours, I finally stood up and decided to sleep. I went on the grassy hill top and laid down, luckily I was wearing a jacket since it was starting to drizzle. 


The sunlight hit my face and I blinked, it took my a few minutes to remember where I was, i stretched and took my backpack that I carried with me last night, I took out some breath mints and wore some perfume incase. I sighed and walked for about an hour when I saw a beautiful castle, with people roaming around wearing, wearing cloaks? I blinked my eyes a few times to see if I wasn't imagining things, I walked closer and closer, people started to notice me and stared at me, I simply stared back, they seemed tentative. I was tentative myself. 

"Hermione?" someone asked, I turned around and I furrowed my eyebrows,

"Her who?" I asked, I gave a sigh of relief knowing I had human company, 

"She's not Hermione," they boy announced and then the crowd started to whisper,

"Go call Dumbledore!" another boy said and a girl sprinted, 

"Who are you?" a boy with a green tie and white-ish hair asked, he asked rather bitterly, 

"Alaska." I stated, 

"Who are you?" I questioned,

"Draco Malfoy." he said unpleasantly,

"What's all this nonsense?" a white beard man said, everyone was quiet and then the girl who fetched him whispered something and he looked at me, 

"Hello," he said kindly, 

"Is this some kind of asylum? Why is it hidden?" I asked rather scared, maybe I shouldn't have come here, he laughed gently, 

"No, no, how did you find us? Muggles don't usually see Hogwarts," 

"Muggles? Hogwarts? Oh um I was lost and started to wander around and I just saw this beautiful castle and saw people, well students roaming around so I decided to seek for help," I said smiling, unsure of my answer,

"What are muggles and is this Hogwarts?" I asked,

"Muggles are humans, which clearly you are not, unless our security of keeping Hogwarts hidden have failed," he said when two other adults and someone who looked exactly like me came, everyone stared at gasped, the girl who looked exactly like me, except with a lighter hair colour, longer hair and curly hair, stared at me, I stared at her back,

"Professor, who is she?" she asked, 

"Who are you?" I said sounding cold, I didn't mean to,

"Hermione Granger," she said, 

"Alaska Brooks," I responded and we looked at each other not smiling at all,

"Hermione, what is this?" said a red head boy, he seemed confused, 

"Would you like to come in?" said an adult,

"Yes please, I've been on the streets since last night, I'm cold, rather hungry and petrified," I said sighing,

"If that's okay if I enter your Hogwarts," I said politely, 

"What did you say your name was?" said the white beard guy,

"Alaska Brooks," I said smiling and he smiled back before walking away, 

"I'm Professor McGonagall, Potter, Weasley, Granger, follow me," and Hermione and the red head boy and a boy with black hair and circular glasses followed, 

"You three are going to show her around, I'll check with Ollivander about the wand," Professor McGonagall said and I nodded,

"Yes Professor," the three of them chorused,

"This is Harry, and I'm Ron," the red head said and I nodded, 

"Hermione you never told me you had a twin," Ron said,

"I didn't know either," Hermione said looking at me and squinting her eyes,

"We might not even be twins," I said shrugging. They showed me around the castle and I was amazed and sometimes stunned. I thought I was dreaming to be honest. Professor McGonagall asked me to go to her office and I obeyed, we tried out like 10 wands before finding the perfect one. 

"12 inches, the core of your wand is made of runespoor fangs meaning you're creative and intelligent, Ms. Brooks," Professor said and I thanked her,

"Thank you, Professor McGonagall but what do I do now?" I asked, 

"You can go home if you'd like," go home to that hell hole?

"What if I want to stay," I asked,

"Okay, someone will collect your things," she said and I just nodded, 

"So, is this legitimately real?" I asked and she nodded,

"You are a witch, a strong one, maybe, and Hogwarts is somewhere where you can improve your ability and control your magic, you need to be sorted," said Professor Dumblydore? What was his name? Oh right, Dumbledore. 

"Yes, let's go then," Professor Dumbledore said and I obeyed walking behind him.  

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