ღ Love Is A Wind ღ ft. One Direction

It'a love story about 5 girls, who meets One Direction.But one of them is broken, she doesn't trust anyone, since her parents and little brother died, can Harry change that? Click and find out!










What happens when your parents and younger brother die infront your eyes? When you find out that you're the only one who survived the accident and for you continue to take care relatives, who hate you, and you love them.

This happened to Selena, 16 years ago and still has nightmares about it and blamed for their death, because listening to it since from1st year .Now she is 17 years old and live is even more complicated than before.When your friends invite you on the cake for your birthday,they drug her and fly in London.What will happen in London? What happens when Chrissy, Megan, Victoria and Dove meet 4/5 of the members of One direction?What about Selena, broken girl who does not trust anyone or does she?

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