complicated (One Direction)


1. prologue



“today is the last day you can join competition. And remember, the winner joins One Direction on their where we are tour for a week, and not to forget, he or she can choose one performance where he or she will join One Direction on stage and sing a song with them.
all you have to do is decorate your entire street with One Direction stuff, I’m talking about posters on every window, and drawings on the street. Make it special and outstanding.”

“now I have for you the newest single of One Direction, you & I. enjoy”

“Emma, I really really need to win, One Direction is literally my life. I would do anything to have the chance to spend the week with them.” I say to her.

“believe me, you have a big chance since you decorated the street this much that you actually can consider it as your second room and not the street” she laughs.

“yeah, but still” I chuckle.


Hi, I’m Daisy but my friends call me Dais. I’m 17 years old  I am as you probably already figured THE BIGGEST DIRECTIONER ON EARTH! and I would do anything and I repeat ANYTHING to get to spend the week with them.
I have 2 younger brothers, Mike and Jeff. They consider me crazy, but I don’t really care. Like I said, my best friend is Emma and we're always together. Even though she doesn’t love One Direction as much as I do, she helps me with everything that has to do with One Direction and I can fan girl over them when she’s around.
Last week I heard this competition on the radio, and I didn’t hesitate to join. I asked all of my neighbours  to help me decorate the street, and since they know how much of a fan I am. They helped me immediately.
now, we’re a week further the winner will be chosen tomorrow and I’m sort of freaking out.

“c’mon dais, you have to relax. It will be okay I promise” Emma tells me.

I stop pacing back and forth and sit down next to her. “you’re right, I’m sorry”

She chuckles “come, I’ll grab one of their albums and we’ll let the world know that you’re the biggest Directioner. Which album do you want?”

I grin and look up at her “midnight memories”

She laughs and walks to my shelf with albums “I could’ve known”

I gasp “I’m not that predictable”

“yes you are,  now put this in your radio and go wild”

I roll my eyes and laugh “yes ma’am”

After we played the whole album four times we let ourselves drop on my bed, catching our breath.

“I think I better go, before my mum freaks out” Emma chuckles after a while.

I groan “sure, but you better be back here tomorrow at ten, because the winner will be announced at then thirty and I won’t be here alone at that time”

“hmmm, I’ll think about it”

“oh come on Em, you can’t do this to me” I whine.

“Yeah yeah okey, I’ll be there”

“Yay” I shout causing her to roll her eyes.

The next day, I wake up at seven ‘Great’ I push my head in my pillow and groan. Still three and a half hour to go, there’s no way that I’m going to survive that without Emma. I grab my phone, considering to call her, but I decide against it. The fact that I can’t sleep doesn’t mean that she can’t too.

I get out of bed and make my way to the bathroom to get myself ready, I stand in front of my closet and decide to wear a blue jeans and a One Direction T- shirt. The usual.

I make my way downstairs to grab some food. I grab a bowl and some cereal since I’m not that hungry anyway and sit down at the table. I grab my phone and open the One Direction app to

see what happened in the time that I was asleep.
When i’m done stalking the boys I clean up my stuff and go back upstairs to search some new

facts of them.
I know I sound really obsessive, but I really have nothing better to do, and they make me happy.

“Ring ring” the doorbell pulls me out of my trance. I look on the clock and see it’s already ten.
I rush downstairs and open the door “EM!” I shout and hug her.

She chuckles “also hi”

“ready to hear some new facts?”

“always, let’s go upstairs”


“OMG EM! GRAB THE RADIO” I shout when I see what the time is.

She jumps out of fear and drops the laptop in the process. “Gosh, Dais”

I chuckle “I’m sorry, now grab the radio and turn it on, it’s almost time”

She picks up the laptop and makes her way to the other side of my room to turn the radio on.

“and that was the beautiful Katy Perry with her song ‘Roar’, next is ‘does he know’ of One Direction, and don’t forget. The winner will be chosen after this song. So prepare”

The song begins to play and we sing it as hard as possible.

“aaaannd nooow” says the radio DJ, and you hear drum rolls in the background “the moment all of you have been waiting for” he pauses “the winner!”

I grab Emma’s hand and squeeze it “please let it be me, please, please, please” I mumble.

“The judges attentively watched every decorated street and it was quite a difficult choice, but there was one street that was obviously the best”

“Just say it” I whine.

“we switch to the judges who are surprising the winner with a visit to bring the good news. Hello?, are you ready there?”

“yes, we’re standing in front of the winners’ house, be prepared”

“Ring, Ring”

“Oh no, not now” I groan and get up to open the door, Emma walking after me.

I reach the bottom of the stairs and switch the handle of the front door to open it.


My eyes become wide when it hit’s me.

“Oh My God”

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