complicated (One Direction)


4. chapter 3

Chapter 3

Daisy’s POV

“today is the day, today is the day. I can’t even believe it, today is actually the day” I sing while packing my bag for the week. Who am I kidding, of course I had it packed already. I had it packed the same day I heard I won.
I’m just making sure I have everything, oh no worries this is only the tenth time.

It’s 4 AM in the morning, and my plane will leave at 5. Emma will come any minute to say bye. I know what you think. At 4 AM in the morning? Well, yes. At 4 AM in the morning, she wanted to bring me to the airport but her mum wouldn’t let her sleep here. I don’t really get that since she did let her go to my house at 4 in the morning.
Anyway, I think she’ll be here any minute.

As if on que, mum walks into the room “Daisy, Emma’s here” she says and I jump up.

“bring her into my Directioner cave mwhahaha” I laugh as if I’m some evil professor.

Mum smiles and shakes her head, clearly amused. “I said it mum, I said she was crazy” I hear Jeff say from behind her.

“you know, someday I will take my revenge on you, you know that. The day when you least expect it. You just sit there unsuspectingly and then BAM!, I attack”

“oehhh, I’m so scared. Mummie help me! My crazy sister is coming after me AAAHHH!” he pretends to be scared and hides after mum, peeking at me from behind her back

I chuckle and stick my tongue out “such a baby”

He walks from behind mum and fake gasps “am not”

“yes you are, now go I want to speak to Emma” I laugh.

He huffs and walks towards his own room leaving mum and Emma behind. “ehrrmm, hi?” Emma says, chuckling.

I laugh “sorry about that, but you know him”

“yeah, unfortunately” she smiles.

I look up at mum who’s still in the room for some reason “mum?”

“oh yeah, I’ll go. Have fun you two. But don’t forget you have to catch a plane in” she pauses and looks on her watch “ 1 hour, and we still have to drive to the airport”

I squeal at the thought of meeting my favorite boyband in 10 hours “Omg Dais, it’s the day!” Emma squeals.

“I know right!, I can’t believe it. I’ll be in the Uk in 10 hours to meet my favorite boyband” I grin

“there will also be a massive time difference”

“yeah, erhhm like 5 hours”

“at what time will you be there then?”

“ermmm……let me think….the plane leaves here at 5 AM, so around 7 PM I think. Considering it’s a 9 hour flight from New York to London”

“and what time is it here when you arrive?” she asks.

“Em!” I groan “it’s 4 in the morning, don’t ask me questions”

She just laughs at me “I’ll look it up myself then”

“girls, you coming?” mum calls from downstairs “we have to go”

“okay mum!” I call back. “Em, can you grab my other suitcase?”

She nods and grabs the green suitcase from the floor “yees, Dais how long did you stay there again?” she chuckles.

I roll my eyes at her and laugh “just bring it downstairs”

“yes ma’am” she laughs and walks out of my room with the suitcase in her hands.

Mum walks into the house from outside “ah, girls. You can put the suitcases in the back of the car. Daisy go say bye to your brothers, once you did that we’re good to go”

“give me the other suitcase, I’ll manage both. You can go say bye to your brothers” Emma says and smiles at me.

“you’re the best Em” I grin.

“I know, I know, now go say bye so we can go”

I walk back into the house and see my 2 brothers sitting in front of the tv “hey, little ones” I say.

Jeff groans “I’m not little, I’m taller than you. You’re the little one here, so don’t call me that”

I raise my eyebrow at him and smirk “I just did, what are you going to do about it?”

“I don’t know, this maybe” he says while throwing a pillow at me.

I catch it just in time and lay it down on the floor “nope, not quick enough for me” I chuckle.

“anyway, I’m here to say bye. So, bye”

“you’re not giving us a hug?” Mike frowns.

I smile “of course I’m giving you a hug, you didn’t think I would leave without one. Come here” I walk towards mike and pull him into a tight hug.

“ugh, who want’s to give you a hug” Jeff says from the other side of the chouch, making me frown.

“he want’s you to give him a hug even though he won’t admit it” mike whispers in my ear, making me smile. “you know what, we’ll just give him a hug together yeah?” I whisper back.
He nods and I count to three “1, 2, 3 HUG ATTACK!” I shout and we both smother Jeff in a hug.

“okey, okey I’ll miss you too. Now let me go will you” He chuckles “you have a plane to catch”

“bye Mikey, bye Jeffey” I smile and make my way outside.

I close the front door behind me and turn to Emma and mum “let’s go!” I grin.

When we arrive at the airport we grab my suitcases. Me pulling the blue one, and Emma the green one. The plane leaves at gate G7 so we have to walk to the other side of the airport.
There are lots of people with bags and suitcases walking or running in the hallways trying to get on time.

“This is where you check in your suitcases” mum explains as if I’ve never been on a plane before.

We check in my suitcases and head to the passport control. Mum and Emma can’t go with me anymore once through that, I give each of them  a tight hug, and listen to mum telling me what to do and what not to do. After what feels like hours of rambling from mum, she finally let’s go of me and I can go through passport control.

“flight 768 to Gatwick, London is ready to leave. Please come to the right gate as soon as possible” a voice calls through the hallways.

I have to hurry if I want to catch my flight, so I walk a tad faster. I arrive at gate G and walk towards the customs.

“can you put all the things that are in your pockets in here, please?” a man in uniform asks me.

I nod and do what i’m asked “okey, you can walk through the gate” I walk through it and the man nods “good, thank you for your cooperation”

I smile at him, grab my stuff and put them back in my pockets and walk towards gate G7. I walk down the stairs once I find the right gate number, and show my flight ticket to the women behind the desk, before walking up the stairs, and into the plane.

“hi, I think my seat is next to you, on the window side” I say to a women, who is sitting in the stool on the side of the aisle. She smiles at me and stands up “here you go dear. Sit down”

I smile back and sit down in my seat “I’m Meredith” the women introduces herself “I’m Daisy, nice to meet you”

I talk with Meredith until the plane begins to board “exiting isn’t it? First time in a plane?” she asks me.

I shake my head “no, but it is my first time alone”

“ah” she nods

And finally the plane lifts into the air and I sigh. Only 9 hours to go.

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