Scratching the surface-One Direction-

Orphan,that word makes people sick.Why you ask?People nowdays care only about money,fame,and looks.Well,I dont have no money,no fame,no looks.I have almost nothing.The orpanage is all I have left.Im almost an adult,and Im still in the orphanage.The main reason why Im still there,is because I have nowhere to go.


2. 2

We came to a parking spot,and we got out."I never got your name" He said

"Its Elma,but most people call me Elmo" I smile

"Thats a cute name,Im Harry" He smiled back,then it hit me."Wait your from that band,on my friends posters,right?" He laughed,I just love him laugh,and smile,and looks,everything

"Yeah,thats me" We walked into the apartment building and stepped in the elevator."So,why were you alone on the streets?"

"Well,It all started when I was 6,I had scoliosis,so my mum and dad left me.They said that I was a disgrace.Then I came to a orphanage where my caregiver helped me with that scoliosis thing.."

"Oh,Im sorry" he hugged me."Its okay,Im over it"

The elevator stopped and the doors opened.We walked into a huge penthouse,Im sure my mouth was on the floor."Close your mouth,dont want to catch flies now do we?"

"Uhm sorry,yeah." I set my bag on the floor,and took off my beanie,revealing my blue hair."Woah,you have blue hair,thats awesome" he smiled

"Thanks,Ive had it like this for about two years" I explained.He went up the stairs,I guess to his room.The TV was on,and the song talk dirty started,so I started moving to the rythm,Dancing to the coreography I was thinking of.I was also a good dancer,I guess.


After five minutes,the song finished and I heard clapping.I turned around and saw Harry there shirtless,and in sweatpants,holding a sweater and sweatpants."That was good" He said,I blushed

"Thanks,I dont like to consider myself good," I state."But you are" He came down the stairs and handed me the clothes he was holding."Thanks" He showed me the bathroom,I grabbed my bag and ran into the bathroom.I grabbed my toothpaste and toothbrush and put them on the counter,also grabbing my strawberry scented shampoo,and bodylotion.I turned on the shower and hopped in.After my shower,I put on the clothes Harry gave me.I dried my hair with a hairdrier that was under the sink,then put my hair in a ponytail.I walked out to see Harry hugging a guy.And sevan more guys on his sofa.Their heads snapped up to me."Uh,hi" I said,and blushed,tucking stray strands of hair behind my ear."Hi love,Im Louis,Thats Liam,Zayn,Niall,Luke,Ashton,Calum an-." I  cut him off."Michael I love you" I blurred out."Did I say that out loud?" "Yeah" I blushed and looked down "Im Elma,but everyone calls me Elmo" I smile 

"Thats cool" he said pointing to my hair."Oh Thanks,I like Michael's style.The only guy from 5SOS who has guts to dye his hair." Michaels head snapped up to me and smiled,his eyes meeting mine.Something about him that makes me melt inside."Hello,you there?" Someone waved his hands infront of my face."Wha?Oh yeah,Im here,earthling" Lou looked at me like What the Fuck.I laughed and walked to the kitchen and started looking for food.Then Harry walked into the kitchen."What are you looking for?" he asked with a smirk."FOOD" I yelled."Okay okay Niall the second" I smiled and sat on the counter.He took out oreos,I grabbed them and started running."Hey,give them back!" Harry whined.."No deal bub" I yelled while running.Then I ran into someone,someone who smelled like axe."What are you doing?" He asked me.I just hid behind him and whispered 'hide me into his ear' I then opened the oreos pack and started eating them "say penis to everything he says" I whisper into his ear again.Harry comes infront of Michael."Move Mikey please" Harry said."penis" Michaek replied."What?" "penis" I giggled."Michael,I know shes right behind you what the fuck?" "PENISSSS" He yelled.I started laughing and then ran over to the sofa and gave Niall the oreos.Harry ran over to me."Where are theyy?" He whined."I donut have them" I raised my hands in defence.Harry sighed and sat next to me.Then Michael came and sat in Harry's lap."Get off,you fucking heavy Michael" He started laughing and then sat on the spot next to me.

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