dream horse

she was a shy girl from London who just wanted to get though her junior year of school in the small southern Texas town of paradise harbor and leave but one horse and one boy might end up changing all that.


4. Lily, herself and her bedroom

As soon as she got to her room she shut and locked the door, sank to the floor and let out a sigh of relief. Judging on past experiences that could have gone much worse. She went to other side of the room to get the phone and walked out on to the balcony and sat down at the table out there and proceeded t called her best friend Alex Holloway. "Hello, hello hello the Holloway residence this is Alex how may I help you" her best friend sang down the phone line. Alex had always been a little crazy every since Lily had met her when she was twelve and they were paired up for an art project, Lily had always loved art because her mother had loved it. "I was just verbally assaulted by my wicked step-mother again and my father will be out of the country for another two months. Isn't my life the best, so what's going on in the life of the mad hatter" she sighed down the phone. Mad Hatter was Lily's name for Alex since was as mad as the Mad Hatter himself she must be related to him she always told Alex. "Oh poor Cindy another day in the life of Cinderella I suppose. Nothing much is going on with me apart from trying to find a word that rhymes with orange" she sighed dramatically "Well good luck with that one have you had any ideas for that history project any period in time or an famous event I have know idea what to pick"

"Oh your dad marrying your step-mother that was a big thing for you right so we could do the presentation on that" You could always count on Alex to give the most randomest of advice. "I think it has to have affected more than someone and their immediate family. How about the civil war that affected a lot of people right?"

"I guess but it won't be as much fun as getting to prod and poke you step-mother with uncomfortable questions" she agreed glumly. "Yeah but I would prefer to get a good grade rather than see my step-mother squirm no matter how fun that would be, she is just waiting for me to slip up so she can go running to my dad and tattle on me and I for one am not going to give her the satisfaction of being able to do that. I'll start on the first draft of the paper you find some cool pictures and facts on the first civil war and collect some stuff we would use to make the board and I'll see you at the library on Saturday deal"

"Deal and don't let those pig heads get to you they are just totally jealous of how cool you are and don't let it get you down or I will have to come of there and make you smile with my horrible cringe worthy jokes okay" she mockingly said sternly "Okay okay I won't let it get to me" Lily laughed "See ya on Saturday oh wait I forgot I'm helping out at tumbleweed stables on Saturday so I can't better make it Sunday instead sorry know I have to go have a nice evening bye" she hurriedly hung up. She heard her brother climbing up the stairs and new he would be coming to ask her to make some food for him because he was too lazy to do it himself.

"Hey Lily open up i want to say I'm sorry about what I said" Jace's voice was muffled by the thick, white, oak door that separated her from the rest of the house. she opened the door and looked up at him because he was a least 5 inches taller than her and she was tall herself for a girl. "You do" she said warily. "Yes I saw how mean step-mum was being to you and thought I would apologize for the both if us, okay, but one thing I will be nice to you at home but at school is a different matter" he smiled, She started laughing at him fully laughing out loud she had to keep one hand on the door just to keep herself standing up and after she had stopped laughing enough to talk she said "You really think i want my friends, the few sane people in this town who don't adore you like your a god or something to think I am now sorta friends with you come on that is just insane but I appreciate the jester but you don't talk to me in school either and we can friends at home deal" she held out her hand for him to shake and he shook it. "See you around kiddo" he laughed "I am only three minutes younger than you, you twit".

"What ever you say little sis I'll be in my room" after that she heard his bedroom door slam at the end of the hall way. "That was just too weird for words" she thought. That night she began working on the paper but had a weird case of writers block. She thought about how much of a fool she would look at tumbleweed and at one point, eleven o'clock at night to be precise she decided not go and would pretend to be sick or something but then she remembered she had promised that she would go to Miss Robinson so she went to bed and had a fitful nights sleep. Her dreams were filled of big horse looking down at her, hot air coming out their nostrils and trying to stamp her into the mud.             

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