dream horse

she was a shy girl from London who just wanted to get though her junior year of school in the small southern Texas town of paradise harbor and leave but one horse and one boy might end up changing all that.


5. athena

Lily woke up the next day and shuddered, the heating had been turned off and it was freezing. She looked at her alarm clock it said 5:00 AM and Lily groaned as she got out of bed so she would be able to make to the edge of town for 7:00 and look at least half presentable. She showered,changed into jeans shorts and a blue,team GB tank top, black converse, scraped back her wavy brown hair into a ponytail (no pun intended) and put some light makeup on because it's not like anyone would take notice of whether she was wearing it or not. She grabbed the keys from the kitchen counter, grabbed her back pack and lunch and got into her dark red pickup truck, that she paid for herself unlike most of the rich kids at her school, her own brother included. As she was driving though the streets she thought "this place is so quiet like a ghost town in old western movies" , one of the perks of living in a small town, if your not a teenager that is, as she began to get out of the town center, which basically consisted of about ten shops on either side of two rows of streets. Most people went to the nearest major town from Winslow, Huston. She was singing along to blood of the dance floor, don't want to be like you when the scenery outside of her window began to change from shop windows to rolling hills and fields filled with cattle,sheep, cows, pigs and horses grazing or being trains, horse racing is a big sport in Winslow and everyone who could afford too trained and entered their horses in every race they could. Jace White's girlfriend Kirsti May entered the biggest horse show around in Winslow, the Sunrise cup and every year she won. Lily couldn't believe that someone who seems so perfect on the outside could be so hollow inside and not have one decent bone in her body, then again no high school would be complete with out the vain, evil, blonde, passive aggressive girl, now would it. She made Lily's blood boil when every she saw, heard or thought abut Kirsti May, the latter didn't happen too often.


Lily suddenly shaken from her thoughts saw the stables coming into sight. From the distance she could see a big red, with white edge's barn, lots of stables with horses in and people training horses, feeding them and grooming them. Lily parked up just before the gate and got out to open the gates and drove on through and parked with the other cars on an abandoned field. As you got closer to the tumbleweed you could see some of the wood surrounding the pastures and training ares were rotting and the paint of the barn was flaking off but some kids she recognized as the school delinquents repainting and mumbling abut stupid community service. 


She grabbed her stuff and headed for the main office but before she got there she found a pure white horse in a box stall that looked very angry but not at her but at the fact she had to be pend up like this. She looked.... wild. "hey girl how are you" she huffed in response and walked forward towards the open half of the stable door. "I know how you feel like you don't belong or you feel like no one understands how you feel know matter how many times you scream it at them" The horse, by the name plate on the stable door seemed to be called Athena, nodded at Lily. "Ya I know just how you feel. I bet the other horses don't make it easier either do they girl" She said while stroking Athena. She thought this is the horse equivalent of me i suppose, Lily laughed internally. "Hey get away from that horse" she heard a familiar voice call out to her but she chose it ignore it. "Hey, girl didn't you hear me get away from that horse, she could hurt you". Lily turned around to face non other than Jace White. The boy who made her life a living hell along with his twisted girlfriend of course. " I've been stood her with her for the last ten minutes I think if she was going to hurt me she would have done it already" she told the now highly amused Jace. "You never know with a horse funny creatures are horses." she told her "And I take it your an expert on horse than White" she retaliated and the now smirking Jace. "I wouldn't say I was an expert but I was raised around horses so I know a lot about them. My aunt owns tumbleweed along with her husband Mike so I have been here all my life. If you want to call me expert I won't say no to that".

"You do know that your smirk isn't really that becoming, it's actually rather infuriating if I'm to be blunt about things"

"Fine but you know being blunt isn't attractive either, right?" he smirked.

"Oh get lost already will you I don't like so I would rather not be near you if you don't mind" she snapped at him then went back to stroking the wild horse.

" Fine suit yourself but if you get hurt don't come crying to me about it babe" he sighed in defeated.

"Like that will ever happen White" she muttered under her breath as she walked past him to the main office to sign in. He was so infuriating it was almost a talent,almost.

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