Falling For A Bad Boy

When Cheyenne gets put in a music class, a certain 'bad boy', Luke, makes a move. Although she kindly declines, he will keep trying and eventually Cheyenne will realize how madly in love she's fallen for someone opposite of her.


9. Chapter 9

We pulled up to my house. We looked over to see Luke's house was still dark. Our moms stayed out later then us. What an embarrassment!

We walked hand in hand into my dark house.

"Luke are you hungry?" I asked realizing we Haden's eaten anything.

"Yea, a little!" He said rubbing his stomach.

I searched the fridge to find something to make. I came across a frozen pizza.

"Does this frozen pizza sound okay to you?" I asked showing him the stuffed crust pepperoni pizza.

"Yes that actually sounds really good!" Luke smiled and them went into the bathroom to shower and change.

I preheated the oven and popped in the pizza. Luke was done within 25 minutes. He came out in big grey sweats and a black green day t shirt. His hair was still wet and kinda all over the place. He looked so hot and I couldn't even explain why.

"Luke, the pizza has about 10 minutes left, I'm going to go shower an change too, so will you take it out when the timer goes off?" I asked giving him puppy dog eyes.

"Of course but hurry up don't keep me waiting!" He smiled as I escaped to my room.

I got in the shower and let the hot water run down my skin. It felt so good. It relaxed my muscles and warmed my body. I was all showered up and went to my closet to look for an outfit.

I decided on yoga pants and a baggy pink t shirt. I threw my wet hair into a bun and came down stairs.

Luke already had the pizza cut and sitting on the table with 2 plates and 2 glasses of wine. But he was no where to be seen.

"Luke!" I called out looking around for him. He came around the corner smiling.

"Well don't you just look gorgeous tonight." Luke said sending shivers down my spine.

"Shush it! Let's eat!" I said pushing him towards the table. As we were eating Luke kept looking at me, I only noticed because I kept looking at him. There was just something about this boy that made want him so much more than I was letting anyone know.

We finished up and decided to watch a movie.

"What do you wanna watch?" I asked Luke as he was sitting on the couch covered in my pink fuzzy blanket.

"Ummm I don't care, you pick." Luke said giving me a cute smile.

"I can't take you serious with that blanket." I said laughing as he chuckled. I picked out 'Silent Hill' one of my favorite movies. I was all cuddled up to Luke and he had his arms around me protectively. We both jumped a few times and I even hide my face in Luke's chest. He chuckled every time I cringed or jumped.

The movie was over and we were both ready for bed.

"Where am I sleeping?" Luke asked and I knew exactly what I wanted.

"In my bed, with me" I said grabbing his hand and pulling him to my room. He took his shirt off and I stared a little bit.

"Excuse me Cheyenne, could you stop staring! That so rude!" He said in a cocky voice. I blushed before turning off the light and crawling into my bed with Luke. Tonight had been amazing.

"Luke, can I ask you something?" I asked quietly.

"Yes love?" Luke answered waiting for my question.

"Do you... L-like me?" I asked hiding my face in the pillow not wanting to hear the answer.

"Yes I do, why?" He asked making me face him.

"Well because," I was trying to look anywhere but his gorgeous eyes, "because, I like you"

Luke then grabbed my chin softly and planted the softest sweetest kiss on my lips. I was shocked at first then the butterflies and sparks exploded inside me and I kissed back.

We both pulled away and then I cuddled into Luke as he rubbed my back. I slowly, yet peacefully, fell asleep.

How is it????

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