Falling For A Bad Boy

When Cheyenne gets put in a music class, a certain 'bad boy', Luke, makes a move. Although she kindly declines, he will keep trying and eventually Cheyenne will realize how madly in love she's fallen for someone opposite of her.


22. Chapter 22

Cheyennes POV

I woke up in Luke's arms. I had forgotten that he stayed home for me. I slowly snuggled closer and placed a soft kiss on his electric lips. It was like every time we kissed my body was being zapped in a good way it made me feel alive. He was perfect everything about this beautiful man was perfect.

He slowly opened his eyes and lied at me. His blue eyes piercing through me.

"Good morning cutie!" I said poking his dimple.

"Good morning gorgeous!" He chirped back kissing my cheek.

"Well we have the whole day to ourselves! Why shall we do?" I said giggling at him.

"We could go fight dragons, or trolls, but I have the shortest cutest troll in my bed right now!" Luke said making me gasp.

"I am not a troll!!!!" I yelled joking in top of him pinning him down.

"You're short enough!" Luke said laughing.

"Take it back!" I yelled biting his neck. He let out a groan.

"Don't do that!" He said softly.

"Then take it back!" I yelled biting his lip this time. He groaned louder an then in one swift fast movement he was on top of me pinning me down.

"I take it back! But do not bite me!" He growled at me.

"Oh really?" I asked biting his neck again. He pinned me down harder and smashed his lips to mine letting out a loud groan. His kiss was passionate yet hungry. I kissed back with the same amount of hunger. We were ready to rip each others clothes off. Then in the heat of the moment his phone rang. He let out an annoyed sigh and answered it. I was lost in thought thinking about how glad I was that he got that call. I would not let this happen until Saturday. I wanted it to be our first time. I had everything planned and I almost messed it up.

He finished talking on the phone and when he hung up he laid back down next to me.

"Who was that?" I asked turning towards him.

"It was Ashton, he wanted to know what we were going to go as." Luke said referring to the pre-Halloween party I was going to be throwing in 2 days.

I was excited my very first real party! I looked into Luke's eyes and got an idea.

"Lukey do you wanna go get food!" I said felling my tummy grumble.

"Sure princess!" Luke said making me blush as get this tingle through my stomach.

We both got up and I threw on one of Luke's shirts and left to go to my house to get dressed. I liked his shirt so I just slipped on some dark blue skinny jeans, pulled my hair up into a huge bun, and applied a light make-up look. I was ready.

Luke came walking in my room .

"Oh so just because we are dating you think you can walk up in here whenever?" I said sarcastically with sas.

"Pretty much!" He said giving me a big toothy grin.

"Okay okay!" I said laughing and walking over to him.

"Okay what do you want to eat?" He asked as we walked out to his car.

"Ummmmm chipotle!" I yelled clapping my hands together.

"Yumm!" He said shaking his head yes. We got in his car and sped off. The nearest chipotle was like 15 minutes away. I put on some green day and leaned my head on his shoulder.

We both jammed out and laughed at the faces people made when they saw us rocking out.

"Luke you're so cute!" I yelled out of nowhere.

"Awe how cute! So are you!" Luke said giggling. I felt my heart flutter. It was are stupid little moments like this that want so much to me.

We pulled up to chipotle and the smell filled my nose. It was almost like I could taste the food.

"Mmmmm smells so good!" I said rubbing my tummy as we walked up to the door. Luke just laughed at me. We both got steak and chicken bowls with chips. We decided to sit outside on such an amazing day. As we ate I was throwing pieces of rice to a few birds that were hanging around. We finished our food and headed back home.

Sorry it's stupid and short but I just wanted to throw in a little cute chapter

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