Falling For A Bad Boy

When Cheyenne gets put in a music class, a certain 'bad boy', Luke, makes a move. Although she kindly declines, he will keep trying and eventually Cheyenne will realize how madly in love she's fallen for someone opposite of her.


20. Chapter 20

They were finally done playing and we all decided to talk about the Halloween party.

"Well it's going to be Friday so I want it to start around 8pm." I said explaining to the boys what we needed.

"Are you going to have like a drinking part or not?" Luke asked smirking.

"Obviously I want alcohol!" I said laughing.

"Okay so we need to get that and good and stuff. We could also tell people to bring some alcohol with them to help?" Ashton suggested and I nodded. This was going to be fun I couldn't wait!

"Chey, do you already have your costume?" Calum asked excitedly.

"Yes sir!" I said laughing.

"Why are you going to be!" Mikey screamed.

"It's a surprise!" I said making them all pout at me.

"Just tell us!" Mikey whined.

"Nope! It's not being revealed to anyone until the night of the party. Not even Luke!" I said laughing as Luke made a sad face.

We had talked for hours and hours about stupid little things. But that was all that mattered. We were all so happy!

"Well we need to be getting home! See you tomorrow at school!" Luke said standing up and I hugged all the boys goodbye. On the way home I drifted off a little bit. Then I noticed we weren't going home.

"Luke, where are we going?" I asked looking around and sitting up.

"Oh nowhere it's a secret!" He said shushing me. I laid back down and closed my eyes falling asleep again.


"Cheyenne, we are here!" Luke said softly shaking me. I opened my eyes and looked out into the darkness.

"It's not like I can see anything?" I said in a sleepy voice. He then flipped on the headlights and we were at the hill. It was so beautiful. He grabbed my hand and we went to the good of the car with a big blanket and covered up and got all cuddled together and started to watch the stars.

"This is beautiful!" I said looking up at all the stars shining down at us.

"Very beautiful." He said softly in my ear. It sent a shiver down my spine. He did this to me all the time.

"I wanna lay here forever!" I giggled causing him to chuckle.

"You can't, you'll freeze!" Luke said holding me tighter and it sent chills through my whole body. Just him tightening his hold on me sent me into a frenzy.

"But I'll have you!" I said kissing his cheek.

"I know this is crazy and all, but, Cheyenne, will you be my girlfriend?" He asked and I felt my heart stop. When it reacted it started to beat faster with every seconds. I felt my cheeks heating up and my eyes started to water.

"Really?" I whispered barely able to get the words out.

"Yes..." He said softly.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" I said flipping over and jumping on him kissing his face away. We both turned into fits of laughter.

"My girlfriend." Luke said tucking a loose strand of hair behinds ear.

"My boyfriend." I said kissing his cute nose.

We decided to go ahead and go home. We arrived at my house and my mom was gone. Luke took a shower and I laid in bed waiting for him. When he came in he only had sweats on. I was admiring the water dripping down his body. It was sexy. He jumped into bed with me and we both kept smiling at each other like 2nd graders until we eventually stop kissing and fell asleep.

Sorry it's short

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