Falling For A Bad Boy

When Cheyenne gets put in a music class, a certain 'bad boy', Luke, makes a move. Although she kindly declines, he will keep trying and eventually Cheyenne will realize how madly in love she's fallen for someone opposite of her.


17. Chapter 17

Cheyennes POV

I woke up in Luke's arms. He was so perfect. He was lightly snoring and some slobber was peeking out of his mouth. He looked so adorable, just peacefully laying there asleep.

I giggled as he started to open his eyes.

"What?" Luke said in a cute muffled sleepy voice.

"Nothing, you're just cute!" I said kissing his cheek causing him to grin widely.

"Shhh I am not!" He said covering his face with the pillow.

"Are too!" I yelled ripping the pillow away from his face. He far me an evil smirk and I knew something bad was coming.

Luke jumped on top of me and pinned me down.

"Luke get off!" I said laughing. Then his hands went to my axes and he strayed to tickle me. I was laughing so hard and trying to push him off but I was too weak and my body was just flinging around thanks to Luke ticking me. I couldn't breath and he kept tickling me and then he stopped and just stared at me.

"What?" I said out of breath I could barely hear myself.

"You're beautiful." He said with a serious face.

"Push please I am not." I said trying to push him off.

"No Cheyenne I'm serious, you're beautiful, your laugh and everything about you makes me melt. I can't explain it, but, I just know you're perfect. Maybe a little too perfect." Luke said slowly getting closer. He then wiped the tear that had fallen down my cheek and slowly brought his perfect soft lips to mine. The kiss was passionate and sweet. It was like pressing my lips to the softest sweetest fruit. I felt the sparks running through my body. Every second I felt more electrified and alive. He made me go crazy. We finally pulled away and smiled at each other.

"Lucas, you better get ready for school!" I said looking at the clock, it was 6:30.

"Ugh you suck!" Luke said flopping down on the bed.

"Will you do me a favor?" I asked laying on top of him giving him puppy eyes.

"What would that be?" He questioned.

"Well Friday I want to have a pre-Halloween party. And I won't be t school so let people know please!" I said kissing his cheek.

"Okay will do! Am I invited?" He asked looking into my eyes.

"Duh! And the boys are too!" I said poking his dimple.

"Good!" He said smirking and kissing my cheek.

I then told him to get ready and I went downstairs. I searched the fridge and found eggs, bacon, and waffle mix. I made bacon, eggs, and waffles for Luke, Liz, and I. Liz came out in a red silk robe.

"What smells so good!" She groaned coming into the kitchen.

"This!" I said smiling at her.

"Damn! You need to stay the night more often! Thank you hunny! This looks so great!" She said giving me a big hug.

Luke finally appeared in the kitchen and saw me and his mom eating and his plate was sitting next to me.

"Luke, Cheyenne made us breakfast!" Liz said smiling at Luke.

"Yumm! You are staying over more!" Luke said sitting down and starting to scarf.

"Your mom said the same thing!" I said and me and Liz both laughed.

"Oh Cheyenne! Me and your mom are leaving Thursday for this spa weekend, so you guys can stay here or your house if you guys don't wanna be alone!" Liz said winking at me.

"Okay, sounds good to me!" I said winking at her.

"Me too!" Luke yelled which was muffled by his full mouth.

"Luke don't talk with your mouth full!" I said sternly shutting his mouth.

"I love you! Please be my daughter in law!" Liz said laughing and I felt myself blushing and Luke was too.

"Love you too mom!" I said giggling and Luke just blushed even more.

"You two are so cute!" Liz said smiling.

"I know!" Luke said sarcastically squealing like a little girl.

Liz then finished and went to get ready for work. Luke walked me to my house.

"I'm going to miss you!" I said giving him a sad face.

"If you weren't such a badass you'd be going with me!" Luke said smirking.

"Oh I am not!" I said lightly punching his arm as he acted like I power punched him.

"Jeez! You just can't stop beating the shit out of people." He said acting like he was scared.

"Oh shush!" I said laughing as I gave him a kiss goodbye and watched him pull out and drive off to school.

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