Falling For A Bad Boy

When Cheyenne gets put in a music class, a certain 'bad boy', Luke, makes a move. Although she kindly declines, he will keep trying and eventually Cheyenne will realize how madly in love she's fallen for someone opposite of her.


1. Chapter 1

I was all ready for the first day of school. I curled my long brown hair and pined my bangs up, applied a light and natural make-up look, and dressed in dark wash Hollister jeans and a blue flannel. I was finally a senior at Roselend High. I wasn't the typical "popular" girl, I was known for being that pretty nice girl, I wasn't mean or stuck up like the rest of the girls. I was also known as the "good" girl. Although my parents were cool and didn't care what I did as long as I was being safe, I felt like I didn't need all the other things to have fun. I was snapped out of my thoughts when my mom yelled, "Cheyenne it's time to go!"

"Okay, I'm leaving soon!" I yelled back grabbing my phone, bag, and car keys.

Thankfully I was going to be early to get my schedule, seeing as my vacation went over. I ran down the stairs to my kitchen, grabbed an orange juice, kissed my mom, and ran out to my car. I started my car and headed off to school.

As soon as I pulled in I noticed there were a lot more cars here then usual. I guess some students realized that being early is a good thing. I grabbed everything and locked up my car. As I walked to the double doors I took a deep breath, time to start my senior year.

I walked into the office and saw a new secretary.

"Hello dear, how can I help you?" She said with a big smile. She looked pretty young, long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a gorgeous smile.

"I just need to get my schedule." I said giving her a big smile,

"Your name Hun?"

"Cheyenne Lovehart" I said leaning against the desk.

"Ahhh yes, here you go sweetie, oh you're a senior! Make this year one to remember, have a good day!" She said handing me my schedule.

I walked out reading through my classes.



3rd-Independent Study




7th-Musical Experiance

I didn't understand the music class, I never signed up for it. Oh well, it's an extra credit to look good for colleges! I got to my locker and put my belongings in it. Right as I was about to walk to my home room, I was surrounded by people.

"Cheyenne! How was your summer? Any big news? Any fun stories?" People shouted out.

"Sorry guys I don't have time!" I politely said exiting the crowd.

When I got to home room I noticed that I would be sitting next to the schools most notorious "bad" boy, Luke Hemmings. Sure, he was cute, and made all the girls fall for him, but, he isn't my type. I sat down and waited for the morning announcements. They were a boring snooze fest as usual. When the bell rang I was off to math. It was the usual, first day lecture. All the rules and things we'd be doing this year. History was the same, besides the little bit of excitement we all got hearing about the annual " Senior France Trip" although it wasn't for 2 mouths we were all super hyped. I walked into independent study and noticed my best friend, Tiffany, was here. She'd changed a lot over summer. Her short blonde hair was now a lot longer, her little paper flat body had grown a little curve to it and the blemishes disappeared. I ran to her and gave her a huge hug.

"TIFF! I missed you soooooo much!" I squealed and sat next to her.

"I missed you to baby!" She smiled giving me that cute bunny rabbit grin.

"We need to hang out soon and catch up!" I said as I pulled out my phone and plugged in some headphones ready to jam this class away.

Finally it was my last class of the day, music. I wasn't looking completely up to it, seeing as the only singing I do is in the shower, but I was always up for a new experience. I walked in and immediately was surprised to see that I only new one person in this class, Luke, and we didn't exactly "know" each other. I stood by the desk and waited to be seated. And yet again I'm out next to Luke. As soon as I sat down he turn and looked me in the eyes.

"Is there something I can help you with?" I asked giving a small smile hoping I didn't come off rude.

"No, I just think your hot." Luke said bluntly and smirked.

"Thanks? I think?" I said awkwardly and turned to ave the teacher. I don't like being called hot or sexy, I feel like it's degrading, but that's just me.

The teacher just said to so what ever we desire. So I grabbed my phone and started to check my social media's. Luke turned and faced me again. I looked up and our eyes locked.

"What do you say, you and me, date night?" He asked leaning closer to me.

"Thanks, but, no thanks. I appreciate the offer, but I've got things I need to do." I said trying to be polite.

"Hmmm, so what, am I too bad for you?" He said giving me a cocky smile.

"Oh no, it isn't your stereotype at all, I'm just not the type of girl that goes on dates." I said trying not to sound obvious that I don't think he would be a good choice. He turned away and let me be for the rest of class.

I went home and decided that I would go to the music shop to get some CDs for my car. When I walked in I recognized a familiar smiling face.

"Welcome to Music Mania, can I help you with anything?" Luke said giving me a wicked smile.

"No thanks, just looking!" I smiled back walking through the store.

I found a few good CDs, maroon 5, imagine dragons, lorde, one republic, and the vamps. As I went to pay, Luke gasped.

"You like The Vamps?" He asked with wide eyes.

"Yes." I said handing him $20.89

"That makes you even hotter!" He said winking at me.

"Thanks, but I would really like it if you'd stop calling me hot, I don't like that." I said in a sweet voice.

"No problem, your sexy anyways!" Luke said giving me that famous smirk.

I just ignored it and walked away. On my way home I grabbed a banana, strawberry, and pineapple smoothie. When I got home it was time to get showered and ready for bed. I wasn't all that hungry so I skipped dinner and went off to bed.

Hey guys!!! So this is my first time writing, this chapter is boring but, I promise I have a lot more exciting material! Let me know what you think. And don't be easy on feedback, if it stinks I want to know! I'll update as soon as possible! Much loveeee

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