Remember To Forget

We take for granted our memory and our life, but how do you heal when your sister has lost her memory. Can love, death, and remembrance bring hope back to Cece's life, when it has shattered to pieces? How do you piece your life back together when you look into the eyes of your sister, and she doesn't know who you are? Can a dying boy bring hope back to Cece's life when he makes her sister remember?


4. "You'll be fine."

When I got home it was 8:39. My mom had to go to work at four in the morning, so she was already asleep. My mom would be at work all day, and I didn't want to be all alone, so I decided that I would visit Melody in the morning.

I turned on the T.V., hoping there'd be something good to watch, even though I doubted there would be. I scrolled through the channels, only to find that every station was airing some kind of romance, which wasn't a surprise considering it was Valentine's Day, but I wasn't in the mood for a romance. Any other night, sure. But for some reason, tonight, I didn't want to. So instead I popped in a movie to my DVD Player. After a few minutes of debating what I was going to watch, I finally decided.

The next morning I woke up on the couch. My mom had already left so I made up my mind to go see Melody. The earlier I go, the more time I get to spend with her.

I entered into the hospital and greeted Rita, who was sitting at the front desk.

"Can I have a visitor pass for Room 346?" I asked.

"Yes, of course." She handed me a slip of pink paper with her room number on it.

"Thank you." I headed to the elevator and pushed the up button.

Slowly I waited for the elevator to come to a stop on floor three. When it finally did, I took a step out and headed to her room.

"Hey, Melody" I smiled and sat down in a chair next to her.

"Hi!" She sat up to face me, "are you the girl they sent to take me to therapy?"

"No. I'm your sister; I'm just here to visit."

"Oh." She hung her head down, "sorry."

"It's ok." I smiled to hide the pain.

I remembered the day when we used to go to the beach and build sandcastles together. Now the only time I see her is in the hospital, and she can't even remember who I am most of the time.

"You went to therapy yesterday with me, right?"

"Your remember?" I questioned. It was weird, sometimes she'd remember things and sometimes she wouldn't. The doctors found this extremely rare. Another reason they wanted to keep her at the hospital.

"Yeah. I do." She looked up to me. "Cece?"


"Do you think I'll get better?" She looked out the window and the sun made her pale skin glow. "They say I will. But.. I don't know. They told me this morning I've been here for three years. Why that long? Shouldn't I have my memory back by now?" Tears began to swell her eyes as I squeezed her hand tighter trying to show her some kind of comfort.

Although I had no hope in her memory coming back I couldn't let her know that. She smiled at me and all I could do was return the smile. The words I wanted to say wouldn't come out. I searched in my brain for the most comforting words but all I managed to spit out was "you'll be fine." The words were meaningless and without feeling I could've said a million things but all I said was "you'll be fine." How thoughtless and stupid could that be. But much to my surprise she replied, "thanks sis, I love you."

She hugged me. But it wasn't like a normal great to see you again hug. No, it was different. It was a I never want to let go kind of hug, one which I hadn't received in a while. When she finally pulled away I couldn't help but think about the way it used to be. The way it was before the crash.

I remember one time we went to Sea World when she was six years old.

She was so fascinated with all the sea animals and thought they were the coolest things ever. I remember when we got home, she gave mom and I the biggest hug thanking us for bringing her. This, was that kind of hug.

"You're name is Cece, right?" She looked up at me and never let go of my hand. When I nodded, she continued "and I'm Melody."

"Correct?" What was she doing.

"Cece and Melody." She repeated as if she was processing it in her head. "We would make the most amazing sister duo. Let's move to Hollywood!"

"Sister Duo?" I laughed and let go of her hand.

"Yeah. Just picture it." She waved her hands across her face gesturing for me to look off in the distance. "You and me, big stages, large audiences, and tons of money!"

"It does sound nice." I chuckled at the insane idea.

"People will be coming all over the world to see Cece and Melody!"

"Don't over exaggerate it too much. I can't even sing."

"Aww. You're no fun. You need a bigger imagination."

"I have an imagination. Just a realistic one."

"Those don't count." She stuck her nose up and let out a huff.

"I mean...that's totally going to happen as soon as they realese you from this hospital." I sarcastically corrected myself.

"Well.. They're letting me out next week! We better start practicing." She repositioned herself in the bed then let out a groan of pain.

"Are you okay?" I panicked as she rested her head in her hand.

"Yeah. Just lately I've been having lots of head pains."

"We should notify the doctor." I began to stand up to tell someone but Melody pulled me back down.

"It's not a big deal. Probably just a headache or something." She insisted for me not to tell, and eventually I gave in.

Not too long after, a doctor walked in to retrieve some files that were placed in a glass compartment on the side of the wall. Tempted to tell him about her head pain, I came to the conclusion that I shouldn't. Besides, she was probably right. Most likely it was nothing but a headache. But no one could blame me for worrying. My sister had been in the hospital for three years. So, yes. I think I did have the right to worry.

"Guess what?" Melody asked as soon as the doctor had left.


"They got a new doctor here. He's really cute." She winked at me as if she was starting some kind of matchmaking business.

Realizing what she was implying, I replied "oh. No. No. I'm good being single. Besides I'm only seventeen, I don't need a doctor. Maybe when I'm thirty I'll be old enough for the doctors here."

"Well, technically he's not a doctor...yet." She smiled as if I was supposed to catch on to what she was implying. But I didn't. "He's a intern right now. Only twenty two. Whenever I met him I thought me and him would be perfect for eachother!" Her smile faded into a half frown. "But then they told me I wasn't twenty yet."

"You always forget your only ten." I chuckled, but she didn't laugh. She didn't even smile. "Come on, kiddo. Let's get you out of here."

We walked up to the front desk, where Rita sat, in the lobby.

"I'd like to take Melody out to get ice cream." I asked the lady who's facial expression worried me.

"I'm sorry, truly, but we can't let her go with out parental consent." She replied.

"My mom hasn't even visited her in a year, and I highly doubt she will any time soon. Please, Rita." I begged.

"Mom hasn't visited me in a year?" Tears started to form but I quickly rubbed them away from her face.

"She works. A lot. If she could come I'm know she would." I gave her a big hug but she pulled away.

"Never mind. I don't want to go."

Next thing I knew I was chasing after a small girl. She ran down the long, empty, hallway and stepped into the elevator. As soon as I caught up to her, the elevator door closed. Figures.

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