Remember To Forget

We take for granted our memory and our life, but how do you heal when your sister has lost her memory. Can love, death, and remembrance bring hope back to Cece's life, when it has shattered to pieces? How do you piece your life back together when you look into the eyes of your sister, and she doesn't know who you are? Can a dying boy bring hope back to Cece's life when he makes her sister remember?


6. "we're going to see each other tomorrow too!"

I peered into the empty room. Frozen I stood as if I was a dog in a winter storm sitting outside the warm cabin waiting for the owner to allow him back.

"She went this way." A lady said from behind me. She pointed me in a direction. "Just down the hall and through the double doors."

"Thank you." I sped off in that direction to make sure she was ok.

I pounded my way through the doors and into a colorful room. The ceiling was put together like a puzzle and so was the carpet. The room was friendly and welcoming.

Kids played in the room care-free. I skimmed the large puzzle until my eyes fixed on Melody, who was playing with a young boy who had an I.V. In his pale arm, in the farthest corner of the room.

The boy was wearing a nasal cannula that looped around his ears, onto his bald head, and to his nose.

"Hey, Melody." I kneeled down next to her. "I'm sorry, Mom just-"

"What about mom?" Melody continued to color the coloring page of the zoo.

"Oh. Nothing." If she forgot, I wasn't going to remind her.

"Oh. Okay." She smiled "this is Aden." She pointed in the young boys direction.

"Hello." He smiled and I returned it.

"It took you long enough to find me. I thought I might have had to look for you." Melody teased.

"The elevator broke down." I rubbed the small of her back.

"Do you like it?" She held up her picture.

But before I could answer Aden cut in, "I love it."

"Thank you." She smiled. I real smile. One of those I'm truly, completely, happy kind of real smiles. It wasn't like one of the fake ones she slaps on everyday.

"Want to play in the ball pit?" Melody pointed to a pool of purple balls.

"No. I can't because of my I.V. " he pointed to a bag filled with some type of liquid that they were .infusing into his veins.

"Oh." She hung her head down, "it's ok. I'll stay here with you instead."

Time passed as I watched them play together. I liked seeing her this happy. It had been a long time.

"The Hospital Play Room will be closing in ten minutes." A voice sounded over a speaker.

"I better head back to my room." Aden said.

"Ok, I'll see you tomorrow?" She asked while grasping him into a hug.

"Of course." And with that he left.

"Did you hear that?" She asked me. "Were gonna see each other tomorrow too!"

I ruffled her hair. No matter how much I didn't want to admit it, I knew they most likely wouldn't see each other tomorrow. She never had any visitors, besides me. I didn't have hope in her getting any anytime soon. And even if he did see her tomorrow, she wouldn't remember him today.

"I have to go home, Melody." I have her hug.

"Be here tomorrow." She demanded.

"Okay. I'll try." I laughed as I headed down the hallway. I pushed the down button on the elevator, then turned around a took the stairs.

My heart sunk.

I looked to the floor watching each step to make sure I wouldn't fall. And much to my surprise, I didn't.

I got into Bri's car and drove to her house to return it. The auto shop was just down the street so I could pick up my car there after Bri's house.

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