Remember To Forget

We take for granted our memory and our life, but how do you heal when your sister has lost her memory. Can love, death, and remembrance bring hope back to Cece's life, when it has shattered to pieces? How do you piece your life back together when you look into the eyes of your sister, and she doesn't know who you are? Can a dying boy bring hope back to Cece's life when he makes her sister remember?


8. "Then why don't you?"

"How's Melody?" My mother asked as she sat down beside me at the dinner table.

"Fine." I took a bite out of the bowl of Fettuccine Alfredo.

"I want to visit her."

"Then why don't you?" I rolled my eyes.

"Honey, you know I work." She placed her hand on my shoulder, but I brushed it off.

"I think you can take off work. You work every day, I think you'll live if you miss work once."

"I'm off work tomorrow, so I'll make sure to visit."

"You've said that before, mother."

"This time I really will, though."

"Yeah." I got up out of the hard chair. "I'm not very hungry." I placed my bowl in the sink before heading into my room.

How could she not visit her own daughter? Doesn't she understand that it hurts Melody for not to be there?

I thought about when she darted down the hall with tears when she found out about mom not visiting. I shook my head, immediately, to erase the memory. I knew that if I thought about it anymore, I would start crying.

A knock on my door finally got me to fall away from my thoughts.

"Come in." I called.

"Honey," my mother sat next to me on my bed, "I know I don't visit her often enough. I promise I'll start."

"She'd like that a lot." I smiled.

"I'm just so busy with the company. I'm the CEO, that's huge. I can't just drop that. I have to be at the office a lot."

"I know, mom. It's been your dream to become a CEO."

"So, we good then?" She squeezed my arms so that we were in a side-hug.

"Yeah. We're good."

"How about, tomorrow, we both leave the house at nine to visit her?" She suggested.

"Sounds good."

I woke up early the next morning to visit Melody. I was so excited. I couldn't wait to see her face when she saw mom. Although she wouldn't aware she hasn't visited in a year, I knew she'd still be happy to see mom.

"Mom! You ready?" I yelled from the living room. It was already 9:20 and I hadn't heard from my mom at all that morning.

"I'll be right there. One second!" She called back.

Fifteen minutes later she came running into the living room. She was wearing a pencil skirt and a nice, white, blouse.

"What are you so dressed up for?" I asked. We were only going to the hospital. I wasn't wearing anything nearly as nice. I had on a green tee and some denim shorts.

"What are you talking about, honey? I always dress like this for work."

"Work? Mom! I thought we were going to the hospital?" How could she forget? I wanted to cry, but my anger stopped me.

"Oh, honey, I completely forgot. I got a call last night and I'm going on a business trip to Tokyo for a week."

"A week?"

"But we'll visit as soon as I get back. Okay, honey?" She kissed my head and hurried out the door.

"Okay, mom." But I doubt she heard me. By the time I built up the courage to reply she was already in her car and driving away.

Even if my mom wasn't going to come with me, I still promised Melody I'd come. I didn't plan on breaking my promise.

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