Limited Time

Sam has to share her room with four cheerleaders. She self harms and looks at herself as if she was the ugliest thing on the planet. Will these four girls change that?

(GXG Love story, dont read of you dont like smut or a homophobic loser)


1. A new day in hell

Sam's point of view

I woke up as the sun shunned into my eyes. I squinted and peered at the clock on my bedside table. It was about seven forty eight in the morning and I had to go to school. My roomate was supposed to wake me up by now and I have told her do that from on. But she never listens to me and gosh where the fuck is my phone this time?! I screamed inside my mind. I groaned and slumped out of bed. Then walked over to my wardrobe grabbing a slipknot shirt, skinny jeans, under wear and a bra. Then a my towel and headed off to have a shower. I have to share my room with four cheerleaders.

Who happen to get changed and strip to nothing like they didn't care if anyone was watching them. I could do the same but I got no pride in myself for that kind of thing anyways. I walked into the bathroom and walked past the girls that were already in there. I walked into one of the shower stalls and closed its door after. Locking it after I walked into it and I started to undress. Afterwards I turned the shower on and heard a large pounding on my stall door. I frowned and asked "what do you want?" I hear a small voice reply " please let me in" I groaned and went to let her in. "Thank you, Thank you so much" she says. I nodded and went back into the shower.

I didn't seem to care if she wanted to share the shower with me first thing in morning. I didn't take any notice of it, I didn't think I had to. She had this careful gaze on me for some reason, I never bothered to ask her why she did that. But the question only came to mind every morning. So there was no reason to ask her that, I washed myself with the soap that was provided in the shower . After a few moments I was done cleaning myself, I got dried as she started to wash herself.

I pulled on my underwear and then my bra. I pulled my shirt and pants on afterwards. "I have to go now, so your going to have to re-lock the door after I walk out" I said to her and I saw her nod in response. I grabbed my things and left the stall. I walked past the other lot of girls and went back to my dorm. I sat on my bed and placed the dirty clothes in the laundry basket. I dried my hair and did the same way I always had done. I did my make up as if yesterday was today all over again. I pulled on a pair of odd socks and a pair of black converse shoes. I then gathered the books I needed for the day. Before heading off to get breakfast.

I hated this school, everyone was so stuck up and selfish here. I didn't manage to find my phone yet, I will have to look for it once I go back to get my books.

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