Erchomai; I am coming.

The heavenly blade didn't work, It didn't kill Sebastian as they had all hoped although it changed him in a bizarre way. After kidnapping his sister he hides her away from the world. Clary's strength is put to test as she faces her hardest obstacle yet but will the ending result be what she really wants?. M for future lemons/incest/rape


3. Water Rush

Chapter Three

Water Rush

Clary woke up to find herself sprawled across the middle of a large double bed, the white thin sheets were soft against her skin. She sat up and looked around the unfamiliar room, It was bare. White paint covered the four walls and the carpet was a beige colour. A light wooden chest of drawers was the only thing in the room besides from the bed she lay in. She shifted herself to the edge of the bed and swung her legs of the side placing them firmly on the carpet. She stretched out her arms and yawned then slowly rose to her feet. She was still in the same clothes as she had been earlier, she didn't even know how long she had been sleeping for. She walked over towards the window and looked outside, the sky was dark and the stars were twinkling in the sky. From the height she could knew she was on the second floor and her brother wasn't in the room so he either had to be in another room or downstairs. Turning away from the window she moved over to the only door in the room and pressed her forehead on it, taking a deep breath.

She pulled it open slowly trying to make as little noise as possible and creeped out into the hall. It was dark, not a single light was on and she decided not to bother looking for the light switch. She stumbled around to her surprise she didn't make a single sound. Her hands found what she thought must have been the banister for the staircase. Aware of her stepping as she ran her hands along the smooth metal she found the top step. Slowly she made her way down to the bottom. She peered around the corner into what she assumed was another hallway and saw a light at the end. Clary tiptoed as gracefully as she could towards the slightly opened door and looked through the thin gap. It was a kitchen that had a modern design, the tiles on the wall were white and the marble counters were a shiny black. She saw a small square dining table made of thick glass and sitting at it was her brother.

She drew herself away from the door, scared to be seen. Eventually she controlled her breathing and leaned forward to have another look but to her horror he wasnt there. Staggering backwards she blindly made her way to the opposite end of the hall and found a large door. To her relief when she yanked it open all she could see were tree's and the large glowing moon in the night sky. She threw herself outside and ran down the porch steps, careful not to trip over her own feet. With a clear head on her shoulders she knew she couldn't stay in that house with Sebastian and play happy families. She regretted not running from him before but she just didn't have the energy. Exhaughsted from her days of travelling through Edom to then fight her way through demons, It had taken a toll on her body.

Without knowing how, Sebastian was stood in front of her. She felt her eyes widened in shock and she started running in a different direction. Anywhere was better than being in her brother's company, being under his watchful eyes. She felt like she had been running for ages but when she looked over her shoulder the house was still in her view. Her brother was running after he and the distance between them was quickly becoming shorter. Whipping her head round to look in front of her she didn't stop, more determined than she ever had been in her life. She refused to become someone's prisoner, their toy to play with when they got bored. She could hear her brothers angry shouts getting louder from behind her. Keep running she willed herself, you can do this you have to do this!.

She spotted a lake in her peripheral vision and started running towards it, if she followed it she hoped that she would then find a waterfall and through herself off, it would be a better way to suffer than at the hands of her brother she thought to herself grimly. When she made it to the bed of the river her eyes raked her surroundings quickly, trying to figure out what to do next. Between Sebastians shouts she could hear running water and then she was running towards the noise. It wasn't a waterfall as she had hoped. The noise came from the fast flowing water crashing into the rocks that scattered across the river. She took one last glance behind her to see her brother running at full speed towards her and without thinking twice about it, she flung herself into the water.

She knew it was a selfish thing to do, trying to kill herself but surely if it's between that and being tortured it was the best way out. She rose to the surface and tried to ignore the piercing sting of the cold water. Her eyes went to where she had just been standing, half hoping to see her brothers face as the realisation sunk in that she would rather kill herself than be anywhere near him but he wasn't there, panic spread through Clary when she thought of him jumping in after her. She was sucked under the water as the current became stronger. Water pushed its way through her open mouth, her throat felt like it had been scraped vigorously with sandpaper. She kept her mind clear and fought against the water with her legs and arms, kicking into nothing.

Piercing the surface of the dark water she spat out the salty liquid that had filled her lungs, She was sure the bruises were already developing on her skin from where her body had slammed into the rocks. She was closer the edge than she thought and grabbed onto a branch that had been hanging over the river. With all her strength she pulled herself along it quickly incase it snapped. She was at the edge and she could feel the dirt under her hands as she grabbed for land. Hauling herself up she had one knee on the ground and was about to swing the other up when an iron grip caught it. Before she knew it she was back under the icy water it burned her throat as she swallowed it. She felt the warm body behind her and knew it was Sebastian.

With a sickening motion she was back outside the house, he had portaled them back. She swore out loud in between coughs as she crumbled to her knee's. The liquid that flowed from her mouth seemed to be never ending. She couldn't believe that after all of that she was back to where she had started. She felt like she couldn't breath even once her lungs were empty, every time she inhaled it made her wince. Sebastian was kneeling on the ground not far from her, soaking wet. He wasn't coughing the way she had been though, he was just breathing deeply and she stared at him her eyes narrowing. When he eventually looked up his face was filled with anger, he reminded her of Valentine. To Clary's surprise he started crawling over to her until he was inches away. He grasped her face in his hands looking down at her.

"Don't you..." He closed his eyes taking a deep breath then opened them again and looked down at her still clearly angry. "...Ever do that again, or I swear I will fucking tie you down in your room." Her eyes had never left his, too scared to look away. She barley processed what he had said but nodded anyway."I won't" She said, promising him. With that he stood up abruptly, shaking the water from his hair. He made his way to the front door of the house and looked at her from over his shoulder."If you are clever, you won't run away again Clarissa. If you do I will punish you." She could see the sadistic grin spread across his face and as he disappeared through the door, she leaned forward and threw up, crying in between.

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