Erchomai; I am coming.

The heavenly blade didn't work, It didn't kill Sebastian as they had all hoped although it changed him in a bizarre way. After kidnapping his sister he hides her away from the world. Clary's strength is put to test as she faces her hardest obstacle yet but will the ending result be what she really wants?. M for future lemons/incest/rape


5. Morgenstern touch

Chapter Five

Morgenstern Touch

** Sex//rape//incest scenes**

Clary jerked herself into a sitting position so quickly it made her head spin. There at the bottom of the mattress sat Sebastian and he was staring at her. His glare burning holes into her. "What are you doing in here?" She hissed through her teeth. She had just managed to get her words out before her brothers mouth was forced against her own.

When she tried to pull away from him, his large hand clamped the back of her neck drawing her closer to his body. She was hitting his chest now throwing hit after hit. Sebastian took no notice of her feeble attempts and pushed her backwards. he was on top of her now and the weight of him was crushing her. "Get of me, now!" she murmered against his persistant lips. He took no notice of her and continued to run his hand down her side finally resting on her hip.

He leaned down and whispered in her ear. " You either do this willingly or not, either way suits me sister." He nibbled at her earlobe, pulling it into his mouth to suck on it. Clary didn't stop hitting him. This was wrong to her on so many levels, he was her brother for god sake.

"Stop, this is wrong. Stop!" She tried pleading with him again but he wasn't even listening to her anymore. her body froze when she felt his fingers tugging at the zip of her trousers. She kicked out with the her legs in an attempt to bat him off her, but it was futile. He had her legs trapped between his own and he slid her trousers and underwear down along her thighs. He stared at her with admiration and then continued to remove them. Once he pulled her trousers down to the ankles he slid them of her and tossed them to the ground.

Clary lay there helpess desprately trying to think of a way to make all of this stop. She could hear the blood pumping in her ears and she was breathing to fast, panicking. Her brothers face was next to hers again and he pressed his lips against hers, prying them open with his tongue. She squirmed trying to get away from him then she gasped. Sebastian's fingers found her clitorous and he rubbed it in a circular motion, stimulating it.

She couldn't help but let the sharp breath escape her lips as the sensation tingled from between her legs. Her hands still pushed at him trying to force him of her. She tried to speak but the pressure of his mouth was crushing her. Her brothers fingers slid into her and she let out a cry. When her brother pulled his face away she hoped that he was going to stop but she was wrong.

A devilish grin was spread wide across his face, excitement filled his eyes. "You didn't say you were a virgin, little sister." He said his voice low. All she could bring herself to do was look away from him as she spoke. " Please don't do this." Her voice was a whisper and she closed her eyes. His fingers remained inside her and an over-whelming sensation twisted in her stomach.

He started moving his fingers in and out of her, the wetness of her made his dick swell and harden. With his other hand he cupped her breast squeezing and pulling at it. A deep groan escaped his lips and he slid another finger inside of Clary, moving them faster than before. Clary clamped her eyes shut, refraining herself from making any noise. She bit down on her lower lip, she was not going to moan or gasp when it was her brother doing these things to her. It wasn't right. When she felt his finger pull out of her she drew a deep breath, she knew what would be next and she was petrified. Her eyes watered and tears rolled down her cheek.

The wait wasn't long, almost as quickly as his fingers left her he rammed his penis inside her. Groaning at her tightness. Clary cried outloud as the pain shot up her, she clenched her jaw wishing for it to stop. Her brother pulled himself in and out of her rapidly and the longer he did the pain clary had felt disappeared and she was horried to realise the feeling was pleasurable.

He pumped her harder, his hands griped onto her thighs lifting her hips up to meet him allowing his dick deeper access. Clary didn't know how long she had been lying there for but it felt like a life time, She just tried to keep her mind on Jace and tried to make her thoughts take her away from what was happening.

Her brother offered her more of his dick, he was grunting calling out her name and then he exploded inside of her, letting his juices fill inside her. He leaned his head on her knee and got his breath back. Clary refused to look at him, she was disgusted at what had just happened.

"Thanks sister.". He spoke softly and then pushed himself of the bed, pulled his shirt back on over his head and left the room without another word. Clary lay there speachless, her brother just raped her and she couldnt do anything about it. She couldn't even think about sleeping, the pain started between her legs again so instead she lay awake and cried for her stolen innocence.

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