Erchomai; I am coming.

The heavenly blade didn't work, It didn't kill Sebastian as they had all hoped although it changed him in a bizarre way. After kidnapping his sister he hides her away from the world. Clary's strength is put to test as she faces her hardest obstacle yet but will the ending result be what she really wants?. M for future lemons/incest/rape


1. Heavenly Blade

Chapter One

Heavenly Blade

Clary plunged the heavenly sword into Sebastian's chest. She staggered backwards and her vibrant green eyes widened, A dull glow had began to rise from her brother as he fell onto his knee's crying out in agony.

His screams pierced her ears and her mouth fell open in shock. All she could hear was a whirling noise around her like a gust of wind was swirling her into her own tornado. The light grew larger surround Sebastians entire body, She clamped her eyes shut as the force of the brightness burned at her eyes.

Her heart was beating harshly in her chest, she was sure the ground had started shaking underneath her but she quickly realised it was her own body trembling caused by fear and exhaustion. When she thought it was safe she pried her eyes open slowly finding her brother lying flat on his stomach, sprawled across the floor in a pile of his own blood. Sucking in her breath she stepped forward slowly unsure of what to do now. Regardless of how evil or destructive he was as a person Clary felt a wave of guilt wrap around her. He had still been her sibling, a brother she would never know, It made her feel empty. Feeling her eyes begin to water she caught the droplets with the end of her sleeve as they trailed down her red cheeks.

She had pictured hundreds of times what her life would have been like if their father had never been the way he was, never poisoned her mother. Her brother would have been a half angel instead of demon. She would have grew up with him in Idris, grew up with Jace and the lightwoods. She gulped knowing that Max would have still be alive as well, he would never have remained nine he would have gotten the chance to grow up. Another tear rolled down her face, a tear for Max. Movement caught her eye, She stared down at her brothers body. Sebastian's arm slowly lifted followed by his other one and then he pushed himself up gracefully to his feet, well as gracefully as any man with a large hole in his chest could.

Her hand flew up to her mouth as she gasped. Nausea quickly took over the feeling of guilt and Clary staggered backwards horrified. She knew everyone was looking at her brother, her own eyes were fixed on his wound watching in disbelief as the skin started to mend, stitching itself together. He stood in the middle of where his forcefield had once formed a circle. His shoulder's were hunched over and his arms hung loosely at his sides, his hands clenched into large fists.

"Sebastian?..." She could hear the terror in her voice as it trembled out of her mouth. He didn't reply and Clary took a small step towards him, She came to a halt when his head jerked up and his eyes stared right at her.

Her chest caved and her heart sunk to her stomach, his eyes were the same shade of green as hers. "Jonathan?" She decided to use his real name, thoughts were running frantically around her head was this her real brother?. The sight of him having anything humanly about him had her running towards him.

She had almost reached him but the closer she got she could see in his face it was still him.. The smirked started to spread across his features, How could she have thought for one second that he was anything but human, she scolded herself mentally.

She took a step backwards wanting to get away from him but his hand was around her forearm before she knew it, his tight grip made her blood pound beneath his fingertips. "Let go of me, Sebastian" She cried, her tone was ice cold.

She thrashed against him but his vice-like grip only squeezed her arm more. She knew it was pointless to use up any more of the energy she had left so she stopped. He was too strong for her. The sickenly familiar voice growled in her ear.

"Dear sister, that wasn't very nice." He spoke quietly so only she could hear him and Clary sensed his lips pull into a smirk. "How would you like it if i had just sliced a sword through your body, hmm?" His voice sent a shiver through her body and she could feel his breath on her cheek.

"Yeah well, you were supposed to die. I will mind and get it right next time." She gave him what she thought to be her fiercest look. Her friends shouted to her but she couldn't concentrate on that or their threats that they were giving Sebastian. Black spots dotted her vision making her sway on her feet.

She forced herself to look over to where her friends and her family stood. Her mothers eyes were large and frozen wide in shock, unable to speak. Clary saw that Luke's arms were around her it looked like he was holding her mother up. Her gaze moved and her eyes found the long dark haired girl.

Isabelle stood with her back straight her whip in her hand, it snaked across the floor in a threatening way. She still looked beautiful even though her hair fell in tangles and her gear was splattered with blood.

Her eyes found another face, oval with black hair and piercing blue eyes that watched Sebastian with everyone movement, Alec. She felt her heart tug as the brown eyes she looked for settled on her own. He looked more like a vampire than he ever did Clary thought even with the cocky statement printed on the front of his t-shirt. His complexion was translucent which made his blue veins pop out from underneath Simons porcelain skin.

She wasn't sure how this would all end but she was pretty sure Sebastian was going to kill her, torture her in his sadistic ways. She winced at the thought sure she was going to throw up. She scanned the group of her friend frantically searching for the golden-haired boy.

Her chest was heaving up and down and her breathing was harsh. His face was hard and his hand was clasped around the handle of his seraph, His knuckles were white as his skin stretched thinly over them. Blood was trickling down from his hair line, an injury he had gotten from colliding with the hard floor after being struck by Sebastians force-field.

She hadn't noticed she had missed most of the conversation and it was hearing her name that jerked her to back to her sad reality.

"Clary is not going anywhere with you..." Jace's voice rung in her head. " Let her go now!" Clary watched him he clentched his teeth together and he pulled his serph out from his weapons belt, it light up after he said 'Michael' one of the many angels name.

Sebastians laugh rumbled through his chest and Clary couldn't just stand and do nothing anymore. Swiftly she rose her her knee with all her strength and connected it with her brothers stomach.

He staggered back with a grunt as the air knocked out of him, his hand loosened on her arm and she jerked it out of his grasp. She ran, Willing herself to push her legs harder. She was almost there, a couple more steps and she would be encircled in Jace's arm and away from her brothers reach.

Her hands reached out in front of her to cushion her fall to the ground, she felt his tight grip again around her ankle. He was pulling her towards him and she desperately kicked her free leg in hopes to do any damage to him and to free herself.

The last thing she heard were her mothers cries shouting her name, She could feel her heart crushing together she wanted to hug her so badly. She was on her back glaring up at Sebastian with absolute rage then she was being dragged to her feet. He crushed her to his side and with his free hand reached for his ring.

Then she was falling through the air, She could tell they were in a portal and tried to pry herself out of his arms but darkness consumed her and she fell into nothingness.

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