Erchomai; I am coming.

The heavenly blade didn't work, It didn't kill Sebastian as they had all hoped although it changed him in a bizarre way. After kidnapping his sister he hides her away from the world. Clary's strength is put to test as she faces her hardest obstacle yet but will the ending result be what she really wants?. M for future lemons/incest/rape


6. Double Personality

Chapter Six

Double Personality

The sun was shining through the window when Clary woke up. She couldn't remember when she had fallen asleep and she didn't dream. The sheets were tightly twisted around her legs and she yanked it off her freeing them. Her hair was damp and stuck to her forehead with sweat, she sighed and rolled herself out of bed. Her legs started to shake under the pressure of her weight and she winced at the dull pain throbbing between her legs

Her heart sunk at the fear of seeing her brother but she needed the toilet. She crept out of her room and along the hall, she had no idea what door to try and the fear of finding Sebastians room was over-whelming her. After a moment Clarys hand grasped at the handle of the closest door and took a shaky breath. She pulled it open and sighed, her heart was beating frantically inside of her chest.

She walked into the room and locked it after she checked to make sure it was just her in there. She gasped when she had looked at herself in the mirror. Her red curls were wild around her face and her eyes looked tired from the shadows that ran under them. Her hand reached up and she touched her jaw, running her fingertips over the bruise that had formed. It was tender to the touch and it made her flinch back. She twisted the tap on at the sink and watched the water flow then cupped her hands together under the tap.

She washed her face and then turned the faucet off, She still didn't feel clean enough. Before she knew it she had stripped from her clothes and stepped into the bathtub. clary turned the shower on and took a deep breath as the hot water poured onto her skin. It caused a burning sensation on her shoulders and back but she didn't care, she invited the water to burn away the events of last night. She wanted to wash away her brother touch and scrubbed violently at her skin with a sponge until it was red raw.

Once she was dressed she made her way back to her room, when she walked through the door she closed it quickly behind her and leaned against it. She was glad at the fact her room was still empty but when she walked over to her bed she gulped. Lying on top of the sheets was a bright yellow summer dress. She picked it up carefully and examined it then her eyes looked down at her own clothes and without hesitation she yanked them off throwing them to the floor in a heap. She pulled the dress on over her head and flattened it out against her, it pulled her in at the stomach then flared out at her hips. The straps were thin and the dress itself enchance her curves. She jerked her head up at the sound of the door opening.

"I knew it would look perfect on you" He said in a low husky voice, his eyes took her in as he appreciated the view. Instinctively Clary wrapped her arms around herself, she wanted to disappear out of the room and away from the house. She didn't realise she had moved until she felt the cold wall pressed against her back. Her chest heaved up and down, unable to control her breathing. "I'm glad your dressed, come down stairs." Was all he said before turning his back to her and vanishishing out of the room.

Once Clary calmed down she had nothing left to do but head downstairs, A wave of sickness spread through her. The last thing she ever wanted to do was be in the same room as her sibling ever again. She entered the kitchen to find her brother at the kitchen table like the last night. She didn't look at him but made her way to the table and took a seat opposite him, eventually straining her eyes upwards untill he was in her view. He wore a white vest top so tight the defined muscle underneath was visable, his hair was messy like he had just gotten out of bed and he was wearing dark jeans. He looked up at Clary with wide green eyes and smiled at her, to Clarys shock it wasn't his usual cocky smile it was genuine. "Morning Clarissa, sleep well?" He looked at her gently when he spoke, His eyes focused on her own.

"Your asking if I slept well?" Her harsh voice surprised him she could tell by his expression. "That's a sick joke Sebastian!" She shouted at him and looked down at her hands that were placed firmly on the glass. Had he really just asked her that knowing exactly what had happened last night, she felt her cheeks redden with anger.

"Who's Sabastian?" He asked, bewildered. She froze and slowly looked up at him, his features that were normally hard were now soft and the look in his eyes showed exactly what he was feeling, confusion. "My name is Jonathan." He looked at her blankly and then with concern. "Are you feeling okay? Maybe you should go lie down." He suggested but Clary just looked at him as if he was an alien. Was he being real with her or was this just a big lie, she honestly couldn't tell.

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