Erchomai; I am coming.

The heavenly blade didn't work, It didn't kill Sebastian as they had all hoped although it changed him in a bizarre way. After kidnapping his sister he hides her away from the world. Clary's strength is put to test as she faces her hardest obstacle yet but will the ending result be what she really wants?. M for future lemons/incest/rape


7. Brotherly Love

Chapter Seven

Brotherly love

Sebastians POV

After popping into his sisters room he found himself sitting at the large oak wooden desk in his room. His thoughts kept taking him back to the night before. He felt the smirk as it spread across his face. He knew that his sister would eventually give herself to him willingly, it was only a matter of time. He was aware that he would have to be patient with her and he was more than prepared to do so, He would do anything for his dearest sister.

A weird feeling began travelling through his Sebastian's body, making his skin radiate with such an intense heat it was painful. He groaned a little and closed his eyes, his fingers pinched the bridge of his nose. When he opened his eyes the heat resided but it left his head pounding, He stared around confused, before remembering where he was.

Gradually he rose to his feet and walked over to his wardrobe. Pulling out one of his many white vest tops he pulled it on then slipped his favourite jeans on. He walked downstairs his feet bare and made his way into the kitchen.

He had just made himself a coffee when his sister entered the large room. He looked at her, she was beautiful like their mother then his heart dropped. He wish he knew there mother and wondered thoughtfully why this had never crossed his mind before. Jonathan politely greeted his sister and almost flinched away at her response. What's wrong with her he pondered. His skin crawled when he heard the name Sebastian.

He stared at her blankly watching her carefully, noticing the shadows under her eyes. He scolded himself mentally she was his sister and he wasn't taking care of her properly. He tried to remember what they had done yesterday but his mind hit a bick wall.

He panicked. What if his memories have been erased? Instead of sending himself down a spiral he calmed himself, all he had to do was ask his sister she would tell him but then who was Sebastian and why was she referring him to that name. When he asked her he waited for an answer but she just stared at him. He advised her to go get some rest but again he got no respond, he got to his feet and walked around the table towards Clary. His eyes flew open in surprise as she leaped out her chair and backed away from him. He raised his hands up, ensuring her he wasn't going to hurt her. How could he she was his blood.

"Clarissa, calm down" He spoke as softly as he could manage keeping his eyes on her face that was covered in freckles. "I'm your brother, you don't have be afraid of me" He knew his voice was filled with hurt, how could she even think like that.

Before he had registered her swift movements she punched him, He didn't move the blow wasn't hard enough. He was more concerned about the bruise it would leave on her delicate knuckles. He held his breath and stepped forward as slowly as he could manage and he attacked him. She must have used all her strength because they fell to the floor now and she was screaming at him at the top of her lungs. Jonathan expertly grabbed a hold of her tiny wrists pinning them to her sides.

"Enough!" He said not sure what to do for his crazed sister. "It's me, Jonathan your brother!" It stopped her frantic movements but her stare was enough to make him want to flinch away from her. And then he felt his body temperature beginning to rise again, A groan escaped his lips and he squeezed his eyes shut.

When he opened them he was more than surprised to find his sister pinned beneath his body and he smirked at her. "Well, this is a pleasent view and all but would you care to explain to me why the fuck we are lying on the kitchen floor?" His eyes glared down at his sisters small face and he felt her body tence underneath the weight of his own. He dragged them both to their feet confused. He wondered if maybe she had placed runes of him but threw the thought away as he remembered she didn't have one. "What the fuck just happened." His face hardened and he glared at her, she was upto something and he needed to know what before he had another black out.

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