Clue (One Direction Murder Mystery)

Zoella Clearlock is shaken from the disappearance of her best friend. She has no other choice than to request the help of local private eye, and her past lover, detective Harry Styles for help in solving the case, all the while wondering if she will be the next one to go missing.

*I rated this yellow for graphic descriptions of murder and violence*


4. Silent Body

Harry sat at his desk, and groaned as he ran his fingers through his hair, exhausted. He had stayed through the night, trying to get a lead on the case. Through the night, he had decided on some facts:

The kidnapper knew Zoella. He obviously knew Zoella would be back to Tabitha’s house, and maybe they only used Tabitha to traumatize Zoe.

Secondly, the kidnapper must have a reason to threaten Zoella. There must be a reason why they wanted her traumatized, and they knew exactly how to do it.

And third, Tabitha was still missing. Regardless of the threat towards Zoe, Tabitha was really missing and needed help, and that needed to be the first act of business attended to. Though he was tired, he grabbed a flashlight and a few other things, and tucked them into the pockets of his long jacket. He walked out into the freezing, misty air and hopped in his car, heading for Tabitha’s house.

The house was still just as they had left it the day before. He hopped out of his car, and instead of going towards the house, he turned and headed into the surrounding wood. There was no sound in the quiet morning mist, and he walked on for a while, thinking.

 He thought of Zoella when she walked into his office. He remembered her brighter, more… happy. She was stunning though, even worn down. He still saw the glimmer in her eyes, and he wished that he could see her shining smile again. He missed it so very much, and when hers was gone, so was his.

He was in the middle of his thoughts when he tripped, tumbling and smacking his jaw on the dirt ground. That’s funny, he thought, he hadn’t seen anything in front of him. He turned around, and looked down at the ground. It looked as if there was something buried underneath. Cautiously, he knelt down and began scraping dirt away. And sure enough, soon his hand hit something.

It wasn’t hard. It was soft. Suddenly, with horror, he realized what it was. He brushed the dirt away, revealing the cold, white face of Tabitha. She was dead, that was clear. He sighed a defeated breath; he hadn’t saved her in time. Reluctantly, he pulled her cold body out of the ground to examine it. She certainly hadn’t died a peaceful death.

Up and down her arms, on her torso, and even on her chest, there were stab wounds. Whoever had killed her had repeatedly stabbed her. Also, the wounds were red, redder than they naturally would be. He smelled it cautiously. “Huh, smells like bleach, almost,” he said aloud. Strange, why would she smell like bleach? He jotted it down in his notebook, and looked back down at Tabitha. He sighed, “Sorry I didn’t make it to save you, love. But I will find out who did this to you, and they will pay for what they did, I promise.” He buried her, this time with more care, and laid a wild daisy over where she lay. He drove his Cadillac back to his office, and set to work.


At the bank, Zoella sat at her desk, sorting files, but her mind was far from that. Everything around her triggered her nerves, and every time someone walked by her desk she shivered. This is ridiculous, Zoella. Quit. She thought. She remembered all the times Harry comforted her, held her in his arms. Just the feeling of being held by him would always drive away her fears. But not having him with her now was making her worse than she ever had been.

 Every day since they had split she wished that it had never happened. She loved him too much to let go, but she was sure that he felt quite the opposite.

“Zoella,” A voice called. Zoe turned around. It was her boss, Jesy Welton. “Someone called in for you. It sounded serious, why don’t you take the rest of the day off.” Zoe was startled, but she stood up to face her. “Um, thank you ma’am,” She said, “Did they say who it was?” She nodded, “He said, ‘Harry’.” Zoella’s heart thudded, but she thanked her boss, gathered her things, and walked out of the bank.

Sure enough, outside of the large bank, standing outside his car, was Harry. His face hardly showed emotion, but she saw a small smirk form on his lips as she walked over to him. “You called?” She said, and couldn’t help a smile from showing. “Yes, that’s right, Zoey,” He said, looking affectionately into her eyes, “Unfortunately, I have some bad news. I’ll tell you at the office.” He went around to the passenger side and held the door for her, and soon they were off on their way to his office a few blocks away.

They both walked into the small office, and sat down. He twisted a pen in his hands, not looking up at her. She sat there for a few moments, before raising an eyebrow.

“Harry,” she said softly, “What is it?”

He sighed, and finally looked up. “Well, I uh... Found out more about Tabitha.”

Her face brightened, “Oh, Harry! That’s wonderful! How is she? Did she tell”-

“She’s dead,” He interrupted in a monotone voice.

Her face dropped, and she looked at him with horror, “W-what?”

“She was murdered, I found her in the woods.”

Zoella’s eyes were brimmed with tears, and she looked away. Harry wanted to get up and take her into his arms and wipe the tears from her soft pink cheeks. But that was out of the question, he couldn’t show his feelings.

Without looking at him, Zoella spoke in a weak voice, “So, you found her body. Can find out who did it?”

He sighed deeply, and sat back in his chair. “I don’t know yet, Zoe. Whoever’s doing this isn’t leaving any clues. I’m going to have to do a deeper investigation, and I don’t know how long that will take. But I promise I’m doing everything I can.”

She nodded, “I never doubted that, Harry.”

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