Clue (One Direction Murder Mystery)

Zoella Clearlock is shaken from the disappearance of her best friend. She has no other choice than to request the help of local private eye, and her past lover, detective Harry Styles for help in solving the case, all the while wondering if she will be the next one to go missing.

*I rated this yellow for graphic descriptions of murder and violence*


9. Pills Aplenty

The police where soon at the house, and Corey was shoved into the back of a police car without putting up a fight, sending deathly glares at the officers. He turned and peered out the window, and shot one last dark smile at Zoella and Harry before the car sped off.

Harry turned to Zoella, who had a medic wrapping her hand in bandages. Most of the bleeding had stopped, but the cut was deep. He was beat up too, but he hadn’t gotten any deep wounds, only bruises and cuts. She smiled up at him, “Thank you, Harry. For helping me.” He nodded, smiling back. “I’m glad I finally found him, and that you’ll be alright.”

He paused, “And I’m sorry about Tabitha.”

 She looked down, “There’s nothing we could do, really. But we found her killer, that’s the main thing.”

Harry looked around the dark room, and while Zoella was still being taken care of, he took a brief walk around the house. It was a dark, dark place, and it spoke to Corey’s personality. There was a room with a single desk and chair in the center, and crumpled up paper all over the floor. The walls had angry writing and bash marks on them, and he nearly tripped into the floor which was missing a board.

The kitchen was sparse of food, but he saw dozens of bottles of medication in the cupboards, and bottles with scribbled names on them. He almost felt a hint of compassion for his crazed cousin, but he knew for a fact that Corey was in fact very smart, and the momentary compassion was lost.

After the medics were done with Zoella, the house was locked, and was to be under investigation by the police department to clear up past, unresolved cases with Corey as the guessed killer. Harry knew that Corey would never change. He had never been particularly close to him, but he was still family. But he had also been the murderer of dozens of people he knew and cared for, and was relieved that he would be under close watch, hopefully for the rest of his life.

He and Zoella drove back to Zoella’s apartment, and they walked quickly through the rain that was just beginning to fall. She pulled her key from her pocket. “Thank you again Harry,” She said, unlocking the door. He smiled slightly, “Of course. Maybe we could solve a case together again someday.” She smiled, “I’d like that very much.”

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