Clue (One Direction Murder Mystery)

Zoella Clearlock is shaken from the disappearance of her best friend. She has no other choice than to request the help of local private eye, and her past lover, detective Harry Styles for help in solving the case, all the while wondering if she will be the next one to go missing.

*I rated this yellow for graphic descriptions of murder and violence*


7. It's Him

Harry paced his office, arms crossed. “Think, Harry, think.”

He was getting more and more frustrated by the minute. Who in this town would be out to get Zoella Clearlock? And what could she have done to make them go to the extent of murdering her friend? He scoured his mind of past criminals he’d dealt with. But there was too many to narrow down to a select few. He thought back to the investigation at the bank, the dozens of desks with practically no evidence that someone had ever been there. There had been the speckled file folders though, but so far he could not connect that to anything significant. But he felt a nagging in the back of his mind. He couldn’t identify it, but it didn’t go away.

 He closed his eyes and rubbed his temples, thinking hard. He went to his desk and opened the drawer where he had put the note that was left on Tabitha’s counter. He stared at it for a while, where had he seen that handwriting before? He opened up the drawers of his desk and went through the letters and ransom notes left by criminals of his previous cases. Mid-flipping through file folders, he stopped, and pulled out one folder in particular. He opened it, and looked at its contents.

His eyes widened, “It’s... It’s him.


At the bank, Zoella was on her break, sipping a coffee in the break room. She glanced out the window. The weather had taken a downturn, it was dark and stormy, and the trees blew from the wind. It was only a half an hour or so until she was done and would go back to see Harry, like she had said. She heard coffee being poured, and she turned around. “Hello, Corey,” She said smiling, “You’re on break too?” “Yeah,” He sighed.

“Well, actually, I just came to talk to you about your friend. I have a hunch of who it might be.”

“Really?” She said, sitting up in her seat, “How? Who?”

He chuckled, “Come on.”

Jesy had been informed or Zoella’s loss of her friend from Harry, so she let her and Corey leave work early. They ran outside to Corey’s car, and sped down to his house. He lived in a small neighborhood, at the end of the street, and they hurried in to avoid the rain that had just begun to fall. He let her in, and she walked into his large, quite empty, living room. She was looking around, when she heard him locking the door. Her eyes widened, and she slowly turned around.

“Corey?” She said, laughing nervously, “Why are you locking the door?”

His smile that she had known to belong to him was not there. It was instead replaced with a creepy, sinister grin. “Oh, Sweetheart,” He said, inching closer to her, in a voice much deeper than the one she knew, “You’re not going anywhere.

Her heart was beating wildly and she darted her eyes around the room to find a way to escape, but he inched closer and soon her back hit a wall. “Corey,” She said, her voice quaking, “W-what are you doing?!” He cocked his head to one side, “I told you I had a hunch on who the murder is. In fact, I know exactly who the murder is.” He ran his hand down her cheek, digging his fingernails into her skin. She gasped, her eyes full of shock.

“Corey! It’s you?! But, but how?!  He scoffed,

“How? It’s not a new hobby. In fact, I dare say that I’ve become pretty good at this.”

Zoella tried to loosen herself from his grip, but it only tightened and she whimpered. “And now,” he said darkly, “all we do now is wait.”

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