Clue (One Direction Murder Mystery)

Zoella Clearlock is shaken from the disappearance of her best friend. She has no other choice than to request the help of local private eye, and her past lover, detective Harry Styles for help in solving the case, all the while wondering if she will be the next one to go missing.

*I rated this yellow for graphic descriptions of murder and violence*


5. Another Victim

Zoella left Harry’s office soon after, and wasted no time driving through the rain to her apartment building. It was about time that Lacey would be back from the bank, and, just like she thought, her car was parked outside the complex. She hurried up the stairs and through the hallways, and came to her apartment. She got her key, but the door was already unlocked. That was very odd; Lacey never left the door unlocked. She cautiously opened the door, and her heart dropped, and she screamed. Lying on the floor, head propped up uncomfortably on the couch, was Lacey.

 “Lacey!” Zoe screamed, throwing her bag to the floor and falling to her knees beside her friend. Lacey was close to unconsciousness, but she didn’t have any visible bullet or stab wounds. Her breathing was shallow, and her eyes were shut. Zoella shook her shoulders, screaming and pleading for her to open her eyes, and she finally did. “Zoe,” she moaned. “Lacey! What happened?! Who did this to you?!”

She tried to answer, but she began choking and coughed up a bit of blood. “I-I was p-put up to it, Zoe. I-I had n-no choice,” she managed to hoarsely explain.

“Put up to what??” Zoe asked desperately.

Lacey swallowed, “T-Tabitha, Zoe. I knew a- all ab-bout it. W-would kill me if I d-didn’t do it. I’m s-sorry, I’m sorry!”

“Shh, just breathe,” Zoe said, holding her hand. “What happened to you?”

“P-poisoned, c-cant s-stay conscious…” Lacey said shakily, and passed out in Zoey’s lap.

She sat there for a minute, holding Lacey’s limp body in shock. How did the killer know where she lived? But even more horrifying than that was the fact that Lacey had been in on the kidnapping of Tabitha. She hadn’t mentioned any details to Zoe, and she had been living in the same house as her for the last couple days. Zoella began to shake, feeling completely alone and unprotected. How much longer would it be before the killer had his hands around her throat? She rushed over to the phone, and dialed Harry.

“Hello?” A deep voice answered. “Harry? Please, you have to come down to my apartment, Lacey”- “The voice laughed, “Good luck figuring out who’s behind it, love. You’ll never catch me.” The phone clicked.

Zoella dropped the phone, and froze. She had just spoken to the killer behind Tabitha’s murder and Lacey’s poisoning. She tried again dialing Harry, and this time, Harry answered.

“Yes?” He spoke. “Harry, please, come down to the apartment,” She said, her voice quaking. “I’ll be a moment, love, hang on.” He hung up, and she supported Lacey’s head on her lap as she waited for him.



In a few minutes, she heard him walking up the stairs. He knocked, but the door swung open, and he awkwardly walked in. He saw Lacey on the ground, and walked over slowly. He knelt down beside Zoella, and breathed defeated at the sight of Lacey. “And how did this happen?” He asked slowly. “I came home from your office, and the door to the room was open. She was lying on the floor, hardly breathing,” Zoe said, rubbing her temple, “She said she was forced by someone to help kidnap Tabitha, and whoever put her up to it came here and poisoned her as well.”

His eyebrows furrowed.

“And when I tried to call you, I guess I dialed wrong. Someone answered and said ‘you’ll never catch me’.” His eyes widened, “You talked to the killer?” “I suppose, yes,” She said, pulling her sweater tighter around her. “They know where I am, Harry. They know where you are. I think they know a lot about us.” He nodded, looking down at Lacey, “You’re right, Zoey. We’re going to have to find out who it is before you- or I- get killed.”

Harry stayed for a while trying to find out anything else he could from Lacey, but there was no trace of the poison on her or in the room. This killer was proving that they were cunning, and very, very smart. Harry usually didn’t have this hard of a time with a case, but he was becoming more and more concerned that Zoella was in sincere danger, and he didn’t want that. “Zoey, why don’t you take Lacey down to the hospital? I don’t think it’s fatal, but it won’t hurt for her to be treated. I’ll do everything I can tonight, alright?” She nodded, “Alright.” They carried Lacey to the car, and Zoella drove them to the hospital, while Harry drove down to the bank.


When he arrived, Jesy was just locking the doors. “Excuse me, ma’am,” Harry said, swiping out his detective’s license, “Would you mind if I do a bit of work here?” She looked startled, but she agreed, giving him the key, “Of course, Mr..?” “Styles,” Harry said, “Thank you.” “I’ll be back in about an hour to lock up, but go right ahead,” She said, and he walked in to the empty building. The third floor was the meeting rooms, the second floor was the filing rooms and the bank accounts, and the first floor was where most of the accountants worked, including Zoella.

 He went from desk to desk, searching for anything, anything that could be a clue to the case. He knew there had to be something here. One desk had lots of files in the bin, but unfortunately, none of the desks had names on them to identify who they belonged to. There were specks on the file folders on this desk however, and he took note of that. They were a bit strong smelling, but not strong enough to put a name on what it was, but he still took note of it.

When he was done, Jesy Welton was just pulling up in the parking lot. He gave her back the keys, and he took off, heading for the hospital. When he got there, he found Zoella in the large waiting room, wringing her hands. He quietly walked over and sat down next to her. “Well?” He asked. She took a deep breath, “They think she’ll be fine. But the drug will have her out for a couple days. But it didn’t kill her.” He nodded, “Good, that’s good.” She looked over at him, “How was the investigation?” “It wasn’t very revealing. I haven’t got much to go on. I need something to link it all together.” “Well,” She said quietly, “I appreciate you helping me, Harry. I know you didn’t care to but, thank you.” He smiled the faintest of smiles, “I cared to. I agreed, didn’t I? I could have said no.” She smiled for the first time in the past few terrifying days. “Thank you Harry, I hope I can repay you somehow.” He chuckled lightly, “We’ll arrange that later. I got someone to watch your door tonight, so rest well. I’ll see you tomorrow, Zoey.” He got up and walked out swiftly on his long, thin legs.

She hated to see him go, and she felt selfish for wanting him to stay. But she still loved him, very much. And every moment she was with him it only made her love him more. She let the nurses know she would be back to check on her friend, and drove home. Like Harry had said, there was a bodyguard at her door. He would be watching her room through the night, and that relieved her a bit. Still, she slept with the lights on all through her room. 

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