Just a whisper

Jordan was normal 15 year old. Untill she found out she had to move to Ireland because her parents were getting a divorced. One day Maura are next door neighbor invites Jordan and her dad over for dinner, where she meets a strange blonde haired boy. Does she have feelings? Or not? Do they fall in love? Or does drama happen?


2. New house

Finally after a 7 hour flight the plane finally landed. As we were getting off, I was looking for my dad since we didn`t have seats next to each other. Then I found him. 

"Hey hunny, ready to go see the new house?"

"Yeah i guess. How long does it take to get there?"

"Not to far just 20 minutes."

"Oh okay."

As we got into the car dad was talking to me, I didn`t really wanna talk so i put in my earphones. He got the memo. After a while, we started slowing down to a drive way. When we pulled in, I looked down the street. A couple houses, not that big of a neighborhood. As we got out dad started talking to me again.

"Hey kiddo, ready to start unpacking?"

"Yeah I guess, do you know if there`s any kids around my age in this neighborhood?"

"Not that I know of, but im sure you will find out soon."

As we walked into the house, I looked around. Pretty decent, not to big, not to small. Dad pointed me to where my room was, and he told me he would be downstairs unpacking. As I walked into my room it was actually pretty nice, for once i didn`t have to share my room. But i am going to miss my sister. As i started unpacking dad yelled for me, so i went downstairs. 

"Hey kiddo, this is Maura. Maura this is Jordan."

"Hi Maura." I said.

"Hello Mr.Huffman, My son and I were wondering since you to just moved in, if you wanted to join us for dinner."

"Sure why not. We haven`t gone to the store anyways." My dad said.

"Okay be over in about 45 minutes or I will just send Niall over." 

After that we said our goodbyes and I went back upstairs. Great a boy. Wonderful. I started unpacking again, I got everything I need out and put away my clothes. Then there was a knock on the door. 

"I got it!" I yelled.

I opened the door to a strange blonde haired boy. 

"Hi uh Jordan, I think that`s what my mom said. Im Niall. I came over to tell your dad that dinner was done."

"Oh okay, I`ll tell him."


Dad came to the door, "Well hello Niall. Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you to Mr.Huffman."

"Well we might as well head over there."

We walked over to his house, as we walked in I looked around. Kinda like my house but bigger. 

After we ate dinner, we talked for a while. Dad talked about why we were here. I found Niall was 17. He went to an all boy`s school. As we started to leave Niall walked over to me. He started talking to me

"Hey since you don`t really know this town, I could give you a tour tomorrow."

"Ehh I have some unpacking to still do."

"Well here`s my number. Text me if you need help or when your done."

"I don`t know if I should give my number to strangers." I said with a smirk.

"Well just text me and tell you who you are I guess."

"Hahah okay, bye."


As soon as I got to my house, I went up to my room. Holy hotness he was hot. After a while of just laying there I fell asleep.

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