Loves me Hates me

Hi I am Bella Styles!
I live with my mum dad and my brother
My mum's name is Lauren and my dad's name is Bob. My brothers name is Harry and boy is he annoying. We live in Sydney, Australia on a houseboat. Not bragging or anything, but we are quite rich. My best friends are Hannah and Libby. I am crushing majorly on my brothers friends Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall. They are soooo hot! I am closest to Liam but he has a girlfriend and I am pretty sure the rest see me as their best friends annoying little sister.


3. School

Bella's POV •at school•

I was sitting in English when Niall walked in disrupting our class causing the teacher to turn around and growl. "Sorry to interrupt, but I am being placed in this class. I am coming down a grade." Niall said with a frown. He was looking at the ground but then looked up and saw me. As soon as he laid his eyes on me he started grinning. He sat down at the only available seat, next to me.

"Hey baby." He growled.

"Sup hottie." I giggled

"Hey wanna hang out after school?" He asked blushing.

"Sure! Where?" I said

"Ummmm maybe my place?" He asked nervously

"Why not!" I said with a grin.

•after school•

I felt someone's hot breath against my neck and a hand on my ass. He kept breathing on my neck but then whispered "hey baby, ready to go back to my place." It was Niall.

I walked in front of him over to his car. I wiggled my ass just a bit and I turned around to see him biting his lip staring at me. "Oi Horan! Take a photo it will last longer!" I said sitting on his car in a sexy pose.

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