Two Boys, One Heart

Zoey thought her life was completely normal. Well... As normal as you can get with Zayn Malik as your brother!
Until one day when she meets George Shelley which changes her life forever.
Her twin Tyra also finds trouble when she falls for one of her brothers band mates, Louis Tomlinson. Will she get the man of her dreams?
Love gets complicated and friendships are broken, the band continuing hangs by a thread... Ready to snap at any moment.


3. Midnight Memories

Baby you and me, stumbling in the street.

Singing, singing, singing, singing

Midnight memories.

****ZOEYS POV****

It felt like we were driving forever until George finally spoke up saying "Zoey, we are here!" I looked out the window to see the calming bluey greeney sea and the hot white sand.

"George?" I asked innocently, "Yeah?" he replied. "Why are we here?" I questioned getting suspicious.

"Why aren't we here?" he answered with a cheeky grin. We walked down to the steps leading towards the beach side by side, George decided to grab my hand which took me by surprise but also sent a flurry of butterfly's into my stomach. I was so nervous that I would do something wrong to upset him or to make him not like me.

The scene was perfect. Two teenagers holding hands and walking together down the beach, anyone would of thought we were a couple. "GEORGE STOP IT! NOOOO" I yell as George picks me up attempting to throw me into the sea much to my protests, I manage to splash him which makes him a tad annoyed and makes him give me the silent treatment for awhile.

We walked, danced and fought along the beach for a good 30 minutes before George finally proclaimed he was hungry! We then got back in the car and drove to the nearest McDonald's so we could eat. The night was purely magical, I couldn't see clearly because I was having so much fun.

George broke me out of my haze by saying "Hey Zoey? You know I've had a really great night tonight and I want to do this again sometime?" I froze, not knowing what to do next, I definitely wanted to hang out again but I didn't know what Zayn would say, he's so protective! I finally made up my mind...

"Yes George of course I would love to do this again with you!" I replied happily, I mean who would turn down George Fricken Shelley?! I was over excited now waiting for the next time we could hang out already!. "Okay Zoey! Let's get you home! Zayn must be dead worried about you!" George exclaimed happily. "Yep, he'll kill me when I get home!" I whispered.

******ZAYNS POV*****

I was honestly so angry with Zoey, Who does she thinks she is just going around with boys she doesn't know! AND leaving Tyra by herself! She is honestly going to be grounded when she gets home.

I know that mum wouldn't be very happy either and Dad would kill the guy if he found out that he took her from the concert, so she's lucky I'm not calling them. There's no point anyway because they're halfway across the world, our parents are visiting Australia where our cousins live, they'll be gone for 6 months for work so that leaves me in charge. I didn't know it would be this hard to look after two 17 year old girls.

I finally arrived at Louis' house to drop him off, he muttered a quick thank-you and ran inside because of the rain that was now pouring down. Tyra finally spoke up "Zayn? Why can't you just let us hang out with the boys?" she asked. "Because they're my friends not yours, and I don't want one of them to fall in love with you" I replied smirking at the last bit thinking Niall was probably the most likely to fall in love with one of them.

"But they wont! You should take us on Tour with you PLEASE" Tyra begged me. I had thought about taking them but I don't want them to get broken by one of the other boy's, "I'll think about it" I mutter to her before turning into our driveway. I wasn't going to carry on this conversation because I knew I wouldn't win and besides i think it would be nice to go on tour with my little sisters.

I looked out of the water stained window waiting for Zoey to come home, She was taking forever and I was starting to get worried. I had tried calling but she wouldn't pick up and so I can't keep in contact and its really frustrating me because if something happens to her I could never forgive myself.

****ZOEYS POV****

We were driving towards my house slowly because of the rain pounding on the windscreen. We were just talking small talk and it felt kind of awkward until George parked the car at the park a street over from my house.

"What are we doing?" I asked him "I....I well..... I've kinda always wanted to kiss someone like this, yanno in t..t.the rain?" he replied stuttering nervously. "Wow you want to kiss me?" I replied clearly taken aback by his answer but also a little excited, a guy I had crushed on FOREVER wanted to kiss me? WOW.

"Umm yeah... It's a stupid idea I..I'm s....sorry never mind lets just get you home." he replied obviously giving up on the idea. "NO!, I mean ... I don't mind... I thought it was quite a nice idea.. you know if you want to" I replied shaking a little because I was so nervous. "Of course I want to that's why I asked!" he replied with a giant grin on his face, getting out of his car. I copied him, standing in the pouring rain outside. We walked to the front of the car and he grabbed my hand, it sent an electric shock through my body just feeling his touch.

I was trying to prepare myself for what was coming next but I don't think I could of. He leaned in closer to me, bringing our bodies only inches apart, I could smell his vanilla perfume really well, he looked at me with his beautiful brown eyes and stared into my own blue eyes, I couldn't control myself much longer I needed to feel his lips on mine and I was getting a bit cold as well.

He crushed his lips onto mine passionately and picked me up spinning me around in his arms, I felt like I was going to explode with happiness the fireworks I felt were unbearable, I was going to burst with happiness. This was honestly the most perfect night ever.


"Zoey!? That is honestly! OH MY GOD REALLY!!!!!" Tyra screamed after I told her about my whole night, including the kiss! She was staring at me with her round brown eyes expectantly waiting for anything more that could of happened last night. "Tyra! All we did after that was get in the car and drive here okay? NOTHING ELSE" I had to explain to her for like the 100th time. "Okayyyyy" she replied obviously disappointed by the end to my story.

I was just getting out of the shower when I heard my phone go off with a text message:

Hey Zoey! :) xx G

My heart skipped a beat knowing it was George, when he said I'll text you tommorrow I hadn't thought he actually would. I replied back with a quick hey and ran to my room to get dressed, we were leaving in 10 minutes to go to some band meeting with Zayn because he didn't trust us at home or something.

He was very angry at me when I got home and sent me to bed as soon as I got back at one in the morning, I mean it wasn't my fault I had to fulfill George's dream... "ZOEY GET YOUR LAZY ASS DOWN HERE WE HAVE TO GOOOO" I heard Tyra yell at me, signaling that I wasn't very loved in this family, I grabbed my purse and phone off my desk and headed down the stairs and out the front door to Zayns' car where him and Tyra were waiting patiently.

We got to the studios just on time as we watched Niall and Liam pulling up beside us in their car and saw that Harry and Louis car was already parked beside ours. We walked in to the studio to find all of management and Harry and Louis sitting around a big table discussing the tour, they all looked over to us as we entered the room.

Louis and Harry got up and ran over to us Harry pulling me into a bear hug and Louis pulling Tyra into a huge bear hug! "How have you two been?" Harry asked, his voice sounding husky with sleep.

"We have been good!" I replied on behalf of us both since Tyra and Louis were deep in conversation about Kevin the bird... What those two are thinking I have no idea. I looked around to find Zayn Talking to Liam and Niall. Looked like I just had to talk to Harry..

"Okay guys we have some exciting news for you!" The boys manager exclaimed, "Well... We were thinking about something that Zayn mentioned to us and...... We have decided that Zayns sisters Tyra and Zoey are coming on tour with us! We thought it would be nice to have some females around the boys!" Did I just hear right? Was I dreaming this didn't just happen....

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