Save me

Emmy is a depressed girl. She couldn't take it any more! She wanted to let the pain to stop.... She was going to kill her self but a boy stoped her. He was very sweet. What will happen?

#sad #justin!!! #helpme #love #please


5. chapter 5

justin P.O.V

I can't believe her own father did that to her! I just want to punch him right in the fucking face! GOD! I'm so pist off right now!... Wait why am I pist off, if I just meet this girl..

Something's different about her. I just don't know what. I want to be with her 24/7. Every time I touch her I feel something..something special. When I look into her eyes it's like the world stopped. I dont know what's going on with me. I need her in my life.


The doctor came in and told me everything was taken care of.

When can I leave? I asked her.

Oh. Umm let me check. She looked at the papers, then looked back at me. U can leave right now sweetheart :). Take care.

I gave her a warm smile then looked at justin. He was just staring into space.

I poked him, which made him get out of his thought and look at me.

Yes beautiful? Justin asked which made me blush.

I looked down and started playing with my shirt.

Um. I can leave now and I was wondering if-

I can take u. Justin said cutting me off.

I smiled as he said that :)

I was about to get up until Justin started carrying me bridal style. Justin I can walk. I said.

I know ;).

I giggled a little.

He carried me untill we reached the car.

Thank u my prince. I said winking at him ;)

Your welcome my princess;). He said while opening the door and motioning he's hand so I can get in.

I giggled.

The rest of the car ride we just had small talks, it was fun,I love being with him:).....

We made it to my house. To the place I was living like hell, the place that haunted me for years. I do NOT want to live here at all. But I have to. I have nowhere else to go. I'm 18 I can live alone. I felt alone anyways, it won't be any difference expect without the beating, THABK GOD.

umm do u really want to stay here alone? Justin asked ruining my thoughts. No actually, but it doesn't matter, I mean were else would I go. Well I was thinking.. Justin said while rubbing the back of he's neck. Would u like to live with me?


HEY GUYS! What should she say yes or no? Please like favorite and comment if u like :))))))) sorry for not updating in a lllllloonnnngggg time... Hoped u enjoyed this chapter.



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