Masked a ZM AU

"I had no other choice," Arya Afsar Ajram


1. Prologue: Arya’s Coronation


Oh Allah, please help me be a good and righteous leader.

I will become the ruler of Ajra in couple of hours. I am truly nervous and cannot concentrate on the preparations. My brother is trying to calm me down.

“Arya, you will be a fine leader,” my brother, Arif, says.

“Will they accept me? What if I can’t rule? What if they don’t like me? What if…,” I start anxiously.

“Arya, calm down,” my brother interrupts me trying to help me.

“But what if no one wants me to rule?” I continue.

“Dear, cousin if you’re having second thoughts then I can take your place,” Anwar, my cousin says.

“Not now Anwar, Arya is the rightful ruler and she will be the ruler,” my brother says.

“You’re not helping your cousin at all,” says Jenna, my sister-in-law.

“Relax cousin, you’ll do fine,” he says annoyed and with a fake smile.

“Gee you help so much” I retort at his fake smile.

“You know you love me cousin,” he responds with a genuine.

“Cocky much?” my brother asks causing me to laugh.

“Ah, there’s the smile I’ve been waiting for,” Anwar says hugging me.

“Thank you guys for calming me down,” I say.

Lady Soraya Aiza Latif, the warrior and Lieutenant General Othman come in to take me to the podium.

“Dear Princess, come with us to the podium” Lady Soraya says.

“Oh Soraya what if I’m not a good leader?” I ask anxiously.

“Don’t worry Princess, you are going to be the best leader our kingdom has ever had,” Lieutenant General Othman says.

“Thank you Othman,” I reply.

We all walk to the podium and Anwar, Othman, and Arif go ahead of us to introduce me.

“Frankly speaking I have been very nervous about this and I hadn’t the slightest clue on what I am to say. But you all are my family and I know you all will respect my father’s decisions on making me the ruler. I clearly didn’t have a prewritten speech but I’ll try making a good speech.” I pause to see the reactions of all as my brother hands me a bottle of water which I decline.

“Since the past month Ajra has faced many challenges and difficulties from the death of my dear uncle to the death of my dear father. Allah (A/N: God for Muslims) must have been testing our Iman (A/N: Faith) to see if we hinder from him or seek refuge from him. I know this was a test for me at least; I lost both of my fathers and my mother in this short period of time. I would have failed to keep Ajra free if it weren’t for my dear brother King Arif, Queen Jenna, Lady Soraya, Lieutenant General Othman, Anwar and Major General Akbar. My dear uncle was as close if not closer to me than my own father and since his death his last words ‘Arya you will one day become the best ruler Ajra has ever seen,’ as were my father’s keep ringing in my ears. I have to prove them right. I hope you all will accept me as ruler, I know that Ajra has not seen a female leader in quite some time now, but I assure you, together we will take Ajra to its best conditions and take Ajra to the height of its power. Inshallah (A/N: if god be willing), I will be the most just ruler I can and I will need your help to accomplish all of the aforementioned. Thank you,” I finish my short speech trying not to cry.

As soon as I stop the whole audience erupts in approval and Arif, Jenna, Lady Soraya, Lieutenant General Othman, and Anwar all embrace me.
This is how I become the leader of Ajra.

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