Masked a ZM AU

"I had no other choice," Arya Afsar Ajram


3. Prince Zayn Javaad Malik

Prince Zayn Javaad Malik

I am Prince Zayn Javaad Malik and welcome to my kingdom of Maliamora. I have been told by the General that the kingdom of Ajra has broken the peace treaty that it had with us. That’s very strange because Ajra is a peaceful kingdom ruled by Princess Arya Afsar Ajram. She is known to be beautiful and wise. She is so beautiful that she doesn’t show herself to most of the other kingdoms. Conceited much? She clearly shows wisdom by attacking my kingdom while being in a peaceful kingdom. A princess ruling a kingdom could ruin it; she probably can’t understand what to do. Some of our troops are at Ajra now and I will be leaving home soon. I can’t wait to see this princess who’s so full of herself. Who does she think she is? Her father, King Ziad Ariz Ajram, was a very kind and wise ruler. I can’t believe his daughter is so conceited. Her brother Arif is such a well mannered, likeable and keen ruler. How can his sister be so foolish? Why has she attacked my kingdom? My father went to the funeral of the late Duke Yousuf and now I must take control of our kingdom till he comes. We have a small village near Ajra that the “oh so beautiful” princess decided to attack. I will be travelling to the little village of Zailaan to defend our people. It will take me a week or so to get there.


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