Masked a ZM AU

"I had no other choice," Arya Afsar Ajram


5. Chapter 2: Encounters


Chapter 2

Arya’s P.O.V.

*Few days of riding on horseback have gone by. It is before sunrise.*

I’m almost at Zailaan I should get there by noon but as for now I have to pray Fajr. I get off, tie the horse and pray Fajr. I mount back on and ride towards Zailaan. I have to cross Zailaan to get to Ajra. I hope I can find Lieutenant General Othman to stop the war. Our kingdom is a peaceful one. How could Anwar start this fight? I hear horses coming this way. Who could be coming here? I see a solider coming towards me in my army’s uniform. He halts as soon as he sees me.

“Your highness, Lady Soraya Aiza Latif died last night. They are having a funeral procession for her today,” he says quietly looking down at the floor.

“Oh no, how did she die?” I ask.

“Y-you might not believe me … b-but Duke Anwar k-killed her f-for treason,” he says hesitating.

“Did he now? What shall I do to him for treason and acting without having any orders?” I say with anger.

“What do you mean your Highness?”

“I mean I never left him in charge so how is he doing any of this?”

“You mean he didn’t consult with you before attacking?” he says, turning pale.

“No he did not,” I reply.

“Lieutenant General Othman was right?”

“What did he say?”

“He said you wouldn’t approve of this war.”

“He was right. He knows me well enough.”

“Lady Soraya said the same.”

“I would presume so. Can you go to Princess Alisha and tell her about Lady Soraya?”

“Yes, your highness,” and with that, he rides away giving more reason to go back faster.

*Skip to when she is almost at Zailaan*

There is Zailaan. It’s only another mile away and I can hear the gun shots from here. This needs to stop. Wait it’s Dhuhr time (A/N: noon prayer). I go in to the woods nearby to pray. I finish prayer and hear one soldier say, “The Prince is looking for Princess Arya.”

Another asks, “Why? What will he do with her?”

“Kill her probably for breaking treaties,” another replies.

I look around. There is a horse nearby, which has Prince Zayn’s emblem. That means that the prince they were talking about is him.

“Your Highness, I found someone,” I hear a solider say while another comes around and grabs my arms.

“Who are you?” Prince Zayn asks.

Should I tell him who I am? Should I hide my identity? What should I say?

“I am… Lady Soraya Aiza Latif,” I say.

“Well you should know where to find the Princess so where is she?” he asks his voice was dripping with hatred.

What should I do now? Should I say I died?

“Well, do you see or hear of the funeral procession that is happening?” I ask hoping he doesn’t know whose it is.

“Yes I heard of a funeral procession happening today, but what about it?” he asks getting impatient.

“Well…” I pause thinking of how to phrase the next part “the procession is for her,” I say hesitantly.

“Oh so who is the ruler of Ajra now?” he asks as if he felt ashamed of having any resentment towards me.

“A villainous man named Anwar who was Princess Arya’s cousin,” I say calmly.

“Well thank you for all your help. Now I might need more help from you, so you will be my prisoner. Put her in my carriage,” he commands his soldiers. They take me to the carriage as a prisoner.

He seems kind and he is handsome but my objective is to get away and stop this war. He comes into the carriage, sits down and orders them to proceed.


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