Masked a ZM AU

"I had no other choice," Arya Afsar Ajram


2. Arya Afsar Ajram

2 Years Later

Princess Arya Afsar Ajram

Hello I am Princess Arya Afsar Ajram and welcome to my kingdom of Ajra. I am the ruler of Ajra since my father passed away and my brother renounced the throne. Ajra is a declared Kingdom of peace. I know it sounds strange or wrong that during this time, a female is ruling a kingdom. But in Ajra, we don’t place sons at a higher value than daughters. We value the age of the child. My older brother Prince Arif Zafar Ajram renounced the throne when he married Princess Jenna Safra Riaz from the kingdom of Radiyah. Since Queen Jenna is an only child and her father has no siblings she is the only heir. Thus, my brother rules Radiyah and renounced the throne here at Ajra. In most of the kingdoms such as Radiyah, a female can only rule alongside her husband or son. Thank Allah (A/N: God for Muslims) I can rule here before marriage because if I couldn’t, then the throne would go to my cousin Anwar Ali Ajram. Anwar isn’t even part of the bloodline since he is the illegitimate son of my aunt. Anwar’s dad, my father’s brother, accepted Anwar into the family. Anwar’s real father was a slave so in reality, Anwar should be a slave. He has high ambitions to rule Ajra which means getting rid of any competition, such as me. He realizes that the people have accepted me so he tries to stay on my good side. He thinks I trust him as an older brother but boy is he wrong. A wise man once said, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer,” which is exactly what I’m doing. I’m leaving Ajra for a little while to go attend a funeral for a duke some kingdoms away. It takes about a week to get there, and I have to stay there for a week, and a week to get back. So I’ll be away from Ajra for almost a month. I have to leave someone in charge and it’s not going to be him. I’ll leave Lady Soraya Aiza Latif the warrior and Lieutenant General Othman in charge as they are trustworthy and reliable. I should go check on the preparations, goodbye.


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