Boys Vs Girls: Part 1: The Coming Darkness

"Everyone knows that girls are smarter than boys and have better social skills." That's the thought that started the entire chain of events. When Emily Watson successfully proves this (unfairly) at a science fair, the boys decide to avenge them. The revenge chain goes on and on until the School War begins! Read to see what revenge can do, not to mention thrills, chills, and nonstop action!


4. The Boy Trap

Of all schools to transition to, Steven Thompson had come to Tower Placement. Thinking about him made Emily seethe.

A modicum of calm cooled her rage now. Once the Boy Trap was finished, she would make him pay dearly.

Although he was here, Emily knew he posed no threat. Work on the Boy Trap was a guaranteed secret.

All the girls came up with designs, but Helen actually worked at it. All the girls presented their traps to their new leader, but Helen's was chosen.

"Not bad," said Emily with a grin. "We could use it."

Thus began the process. Helen's homemade robots worked on it along with all the girls. Helen and Emily stood on a tower that they had made to oversee the dark construction.

"I created a melatonin packet," said Helen. "It belongs in the central tube. H1-M is installing it right now." She pointed. "Remember, tonight is the deadline, otherwise it will be too late."

"And why is that?" asked Emily.

Helen sighed. "The science fair. That's the only way we can present it in front of the school--and then--only then--will order be restored."

"Good!" said Emily. "At last we shall have our revenge."

Revenge? thought Helen uneasily. I wouldn't go that far.


Assemblies were always an exciting affair at Tower Placement. They always occurred immediately after gym class.

Emily and Helen sat toward the front. Emily was so emotional that she could hardly hear the announcements! "This will be the best day of our lives!" she whispered. "Why can't the principal stop talking?"

"Shh!" Helen whispered firmly. "I'm excited too, but just remember this: 'All good things come to those who wait.'"

Emily rolled her eyes. So predictable.

"Let's do a final check if you're so bored. This plot will change our lives, as well as many others, including Ursula, Beethoven, Na--hold it, the principal is done!"

"Our first presentation will be from Emily Watson, Helen McKeen, and Beethoven II!"

Once on stage, in no time Emily hammered a large sign saying Girls Rule. "It's only too true," said Emily, staring at the sign. "Girls are smarter and have better manners..."

Summer groaned.

Emily folded her arms. "Does anyone think I'm wrong?"

The entire crowd made lots of sounds.

"Come out and prove yourselves if you think I am wrong."

Many boys raised their hands. "Andrew," Emily said.

The first grader that stepped up would make a perfect test subject. He was exceptionally reckless.

"Everything is ready, all systems go," whispered Helen. "Emily, just stay calm."

Andrew boldly stepped up to the starting line. "Just you wait! Boys are smarter, and I can prove it!"

"Then do so," Emily said matter-of-factly.

"Now!" Emily said to Beethoven. Beethoven pulled a lever, and the tile that Andrew was standing on shot upward, sending Andrew flying through the air.

He landed in the tunnel, which was hung to the ceiling by the thickest of wires. Melatonin gas consumed him from both sides. Before he could do so much as yawn, the tunnel dropped him onto a tower ("This is the tunnel Emily and Helen were standing on" remarked Beethoven) and just barely managed to get up.

A robotic replica of a black wolf with red eyes jumped onto the other side of the tower. Andrew looked around, not knowing what to do...until the wolf threw a spear. Andrew ducked and caught it. He threw it back at the wolf. A direct hit! Electricity surged everywhere, even knocking out a light bulb inside the room. The wolf groaned and fell off the tower.

Andrew breathed a sigh of relief. But before he could do more to relish his victory, a robotic replica of a 30-foot monster emerged! It had eight scaly legs; the scales worked like armor! It had five eyes on a devil-like face, with a crest on its head. It worked its legs like crazy, trying to crush Andrew. Andrew dodged them all, trying to size up the situation, when--

Sweets! he thought. Why didn't I see this trap door before? Even amid a duel, he jumped into the trap door and started snacking away! This proved it, because Andrew had displayed a lack of focus and discipline.

"See what I mean?" Emily asked. "Maybe their minds were destroyed by--yes, Steven?"

"This is a comparison," Steven pointed out, lowering his arm. "You say the boys are retarded. How does that prove that you girls are better?"

"Fine." Emily pushed a series of buttons, and Helen pulled the lever. No one had ever seen her smile this big as the tile pushed Emily into the tube. No melatonin came out. Emily looked the monster straight in the eye, which looked back at her. That didn't work, thought Emily. She lunged at her opponent and knocked him off the tower.

Now the boys would be disliked by everyone! Maybe they needed a plan of their own.

Finally, the boys decided to hold a secret meeting that night.

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