Boys Vs Girls: Part 1: The Coming Darkness

"Everyone knows that girls are smarter than boys and have better social skills." That's the thought that started the entire chain of events. When Emily Watson successfully proves this (unfairly) at a science fair, the boys decide to avenge them. The revenge chain goes on and on until the School War begins! Read to see what revenge can do, not to mention thrills, chills, and nonstop action!


3. Steven Thompson

New students were rare, so it was a slight surprise that Steven Thompson came to Tower Placement School.

Not to mention that Steven had been a celebrity. He was tall, had brown hair, and wore a sustained bold look.

When Steven stepped out of the car, the first people he saw were Emily and Beethoven. "I'm Emily Watson, and this is Beethoven II," Emily said.

"And our friend Helen asked us to collect your 20-dollar student fee."

"Nice try, guys," Steven said. "My mom already paid it. Your lust for drugs and whoopee cushions have failed."

"Very funny," said Helen. "I'll take it from here. Hi, Steven. I'm Helen McKeen, the class president. I know you're going to love it here. We do all sorts of fun things here, including some amazing events and experiences. Of course, there are rules you must follow..."


The homeroom teacher's name was Mr. Danny. He was excited to have Steven in his class. "Steven Thompson..." he muttered. "Our new celebrity."

After a long morning of integers, Steven filled his lunch tray, but didn't know who to sit with. Emily and Beethoven? He didn't trust them. Not one bit. What about Helen? She seemed pretty nice, but it was clear that she was hiding something. He could feel it in his bones. Something evil, something deep inside. But what could it be? he wondered.

Helen had also told him there were two warrior brothers: Anakin and Jay Organa. He was about to look for them when he noticed a sad, lonely girl sitting at a table.

Steven was skeptical. He sat over with her instead.

"Welcome to the Nerd Bar, newbie," she said.

"The what?"

"The Nerd Bar, hunk. Usually, this place is even less populated than Beethoven's mind."

"Is it now?"

"For being the Destroyer of Thunder, you don't catch on very easily. No one ever sits here. Especially not celebrities."

" want me to move?"

"And deny me the honor? I would have to say no."

"How do you know what happened to...what happened again?"

"Are you always this inquisitive?"

"I'd settle for your name."

"Summer. Summer Petersen."

Steven knew from the start that she was beautiful and loving deep inside, leaving him even more skeptical. She had long, black hair, and her clothes were colored indigo from head to toe, making a complexion that simply didn't match. Looking up, Summer parted her hair from her face. Hellfire! She's gorgeous!

"I'm new and I don't know anyone yet," Steven said, and he couldn't help blushing.

Summer looked up. "People like that don't turn up very often."

"Will you do it?"

"Do what?"

"You already know."

Summer was impossible to read, but then she smiled. "You want to be my friend. People barely ever ask me that."

"They probably just think you're hard to talk to."

"Do you?"

"To an extent," Steven replied honestly.

Both of them hugged. But with his cheek against Summer's shoulder, his head was tilted enough to see Emily glaring at him. In her rage, she couldn't stop staring. "Why is she looking at me?" asked Steven, breaking away.

"You busted her mom," she answered.

"The Thunderqueen?!"

"It was when you were a toddler. She was an extremely powerful criminal. War, terrible war, and unrest were the nouns in her day. She thought that one day, all things would grovel at her feet."

"Where do I come in?"

"You really don't know? She broke into your house by crushing the window--simply by using her mind! You grabbed your parent's gun because they wouldn't wake up. After a pitched one-on-one duel, you defeated her!"

"Emily should be thanking me for that."


"What do you--"

Summer was already giving him another one of her you're-even-dumber-than-a-mime looks.

"Dude! Emily's her daughter! That's why you're a celebrity!"

"Great," said Steven. "It's my first day and I already have an she still looking?"


He looked back over there. "You said she wasn't looking!"

"You want my jello?"

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