Boys Vs Girls: Part 1: The Coming Darkness

"Everyone knows that girls are smarter than boys and have better social skills." That's the thought that started the entire chain of events. When Emily Watson successfully proves this (unfairly) at a science fair, the boys decide to avenge them. The revenge chain goes on and on until the School War begins! Read to see what revenge can do, not to mention thrills, chills, and nonstop action!


6. Flame Thrower Attack!

Emily called an emergency meeting at midnight.

"...The boys have hurt us for the last time. And I mean 'last time,'" said Emily. "They will keep working if we don't take evasive action. If a Boy Trap cannot bind them, then there is only one solution. I say we kill the boys!"

"I'm in, Emily," said Helen. "Guess we have no choice. I really hoped it wouldn't come to this, though..."

"Well, up to now, they deserve it," Beethoven butted in.

"Good point, Beethoven," said Helen.

The girls roared with applause. Emily and Helen agreed to build weapons for them all.


Steven was walking through the lunchroom with his lunch tray to sit with Anakin and Jay. They had very reluctantly let Summer join them. They said they were doing it for Steven.

Beethoven walked over to Helen. "Watch this!"

"Watch what?" Helen said, not seeming to care. "Oh! The death trap!"

"Exactly!" said Beethoven. He was aiming at Steven, waiting for him to walk past one...specific... person. Finally, he released a claw on a spring and snagged Steven's leg. He tripped, and his lunch tray went flying to his right...and hit Emily.

Emily was a mess. Her clothes were soaked with applesauce. Her face had spots of yogurt where the container had broken a hole. She had french fries in her hair.

She quickly wiped off her face and plucked out the fries, flinging them aside to face Steven.

"Now that I didn't mean to do," said Steven.

"Liar," Emily countered.

"The zero signs were made to teach you a lesson. If the teachers didn't lecture you, it was our job to--ack!" Emily had gripped his neck. "No one calls me a zero." Foom! Emily snapped on a flame thrower! Steven backed away. "You're the one who could use a lesson!"

This is where the fun begins, thought Helen.

"No!" Summer cried.

Steven took up his own lunch tray for a shield. However, Emily fired a ball of fire which melted the tray. Steven pulled the stringy halves apart--and narrowly dodged a fireball aimed toward his head.

Another fireball. Steven jumped aside it, not knowing what to do. He couldn't dodge the flames forever, and once Emily got a lucky hit--

Then he spotted the fire extinguisher!

Dodging Emily's fire, Steven rushed toward it. But just as he was about to grab it, Helen grabbed him by the leg and pushed him away from his target.

Emily fired again.

Steven jumped under a lunch table, Emily hot on his tail. She stood on top of the table. Steven crawled across it, dodging a storm of flames. Emily was attacking more ferociously than before! Steven barely avoided being hit. Finally, he reached the other side: he had nowhere to run.

"Where's your morons, moron?" Emily said, looking down at Steven from above.

"Right here!"

Anakin, Jay, and Summer had arrived to help Steven fight Emily.

In less than a second, Emily recharged her weapon. A flame stood at the edge, waiting to be fired.

"Leave them alone!" Steven slipped out from under the lunch table and pushed Emily off. She crashed into the wall. With greater fury than ever, Emily charged Steven.

Anakin tossed Steven his lightsaber. Well, not exactly a lightsaber. A "stingsaber" to be exact. Emily rushed toward him at lightning speed.

"Steven!" Anakin shouted. "Pull the knob! Pull the knob!"

Just as Emily bore down on him, he pulled the knob, igniting the painful (but not deadly) blade. He struck Emily, using the blade to pin her to the ground.

Suddenly, he looked up. There was the principal.

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