Forever and Always

Katherine Simmons has been your normal girl. Dating, selfies.....that stuff. Until he comes along, again, and doesn't ruin your life like last time?


1. Why?


  " Coming coming" I yelled back. 

  I. Hate. Mornings.  I quickly threw on a white long sleeved sweater and black skinnies. I grabbed a pair of black flats and headed downstairs.

 Mom: I gotta go, but I've left you some oatmeal on the counter. 

 " 'Kay." I said. I hate it when she has to leave early. She headed out.  

I felt my phone buzz. 

Anoymous: Meet me at the oak tree at 7:30 

K: Who is this?

Annymous: You will soon know...

I checked the time. 7:00. I wondered if I should meet this unknown person or not. I finished my oatmeal and pulled on my flats. I ran upstairs to brush my hair and teeth. After I did that , I braided my hair.  I decided to walk to school.

 I grabbed my bag and headed out. I live pretty close to school so it takes about 10 minutes to get to school. I checked my phone to see if I got any other random texts. Nope. The time said 7:20, so I started to run . Once I got to school I headed straight for the old oak tree. I checked my phone. 7:29. I guess he/she wanted to be here sharp.

2 minutes passed and and he came. Why him?

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