How To Feel

She wakes up and feels for the first time. It had never happened before. It's an experiment and there are more like her. Now she just needs to find them.


13. unpleasant formalities

“Listen Bella, what happened to you?” I asked. She frowned and began to tear up, pointing to the clothes and miscellaneous men's clothing and then pointing to herself. Suddenly everything came together, the pink, the scars on the head, her fear. The concerned voices when her parents thought we were from the school. She was actually a he.

“Oh- oh Bella” I smiled, “Do you want to run away? Listen, there is a group of really mean guys coming after me and Connor and we don’t want them to come after you. We want to take you with us but if we do you won’t be able to come back, ever, and you can’t tell you parents” his face lit up again and she rushed over, throwing her thin spindly arms around our waist. Suddenly the doorbell rang. His mom’s voice reached under the door and froze us in fear.

“What does Carly Smith want?” That was one of the doctor’s name in the file.

“Ok, Connor, help him pack and go out the window, they have a lattice that I saw on the way in.

“Why can’t you” he stared at Bella with concern and I grimaced, one of my best friends were trans, it seemed so normal that I didn’t realize that Connor could have been freaked out.

“Because, you need electricity and I can control her, not to mention, she was my pediatrician.” I pulled him aside as Bella began to pack.

“Be nice, accept her. You have no right to judge.” With that I turned and made my way down the stairs. Dr. Smith stood uneasily in the door way, her eyes staring right into mine.

“Hello Dr, fancy meeting you here” My hands opened towards her chest, ready to throw her into a wall, “Why don’t we all sit down”

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