How To Feel

She wakes up and feels for the first time. It had never happened before. It's an experiment and there are more like her. Now she just needs to find them.


5. No End in Sight

I turned and fallowed the fading sound of the sirens towards my house. The sidewalks were still wet from the earlier rain and it looked like it was going to rain again. As we walked down the street I gazed at the only life I had known. The row of houses that all looked exactly the same, the open yards filled with dogs and grass. Usually it was filled with kids riding their bikes or running down the street but the only sound was the crackling of fire and the loud sirens that had passed us on the way over. I peered through the rain to find which house was alight and then began to sprint. I ran the final lengths of the street to halt infront of my house. A crowd of my niebors were crowded around the police barricades as the fire department turned off the hose.

My house was in ruins, blackened and caving in. Though the fire was out patterns of flames licked the side of the house. I froze as realization filled my mind. Glancing around dread pulled down to my knees as I realized, my parents were in the house.

"Where are your parents?" Connor questioned as I stood. I was done with the crying, the sadness. This shit wasn't fair, none of it. I walked through the crowd of people, shoving them out of the way.

"Wait, hold up" Connor yelled as I broke through the barricades.

"Excuse me you can't come past the-"

"It's my house, give me this good bye" I yelled at the firefighter as I shoved him out of the way. I walked into the house as fire fighters and police officers yelled at me. One stopped right in front of me.

"You can't be in here-" I raised my arm and shoved him backwards. The officer flew into the door that led to the kitchen and collapsed. I paused and stared at my hand. I was know where near strong enough to shove him over ten feet. I guess I had never realized just how different I really was. Maybe it had something to do with my anger. Everyone else froze and stared as I continued towards the office. Patterns of flames covered the black walls. The computer was gone and files were strewn around the room. One solitary file sat on the desk were the computer once sat. Stumbling over the other files I picked it up. In messy writing a post-it note sat plastered on the cover of the file. I love you sweety, go find them. The best memories of my parents in one sentence.

"Don't do that to me. I feel slightly responsible for you. Listen I'm sorry okay, y'know about your parents. That's some tough shit. Uhhhhhhh you can stay with me if you want. Unless that would be creepy. I mean whatever works for you. If you don't know what you wanna do or you need time-"

"Connor, shut up" I cut him short as I began looking through the file.

"What is that?" he asked as he walked up behind me. Each piece of paper had a different set of numbers and a name. Three pictures were under each name. A baby picture, a elementary school aged picture and a freshman year picture. Each had a different list of abilities, parents and pictures of a surgery like mine.

"It's names of kids with surgeries like mine" I mumbled reaching to the back of my head to feel the bump that wasn't supposed to be there.

"Do you recognize any?" He asked grimacing at the surgery pictures. I turned to look him dead in the eyes.

"Yeah, yours."

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