How To Feel

She wakes up and feels for the first time. It had never happened before. It's an experiment and there are more like her. Now she just needs to find them.


6. freedom

The silence weighed heavily in the air as he took the sheet of paper out of my hand. He sighed as he read the name and all of the abilities. I walked in a circle scanning the file. A loud chorus of yells came from the window. I glanced outside to see a mob of police officers and fireman approaching the house. They had obviously pulled out all the stops. They did everything they could before the SWAT team had to get involved.

"Connor, we have to go" I whispered. Walking forward I gently touched his arm, compasion and sympathy filling my heart. Just a few hours ago I had been going through the same thing. His life seemed to have been one tragedy after another. Atleast i had a semi normal childhood. His head hung over as he gazed at the surgery pictures. Sirens still rang throughout the street as I grabbed his arm more forcefully.

"Connor, NOW" I exclaimed, wrenching the files out of his hand. He lurched towards me like a wounded soldier, leaning on my for support. Clutching both him and the files I ran towards the basement adrenaline flooding through my veins like a drug. I sped down the hallway and yanked the basement door open. Shoving Connor down the stairs I turned to face the officers that had just crashed through the door like elephants.

"Leave us ALONE" I shouted shoving my hands towards them. Something like an invisible wall threw them yet again against the walls of the house giving me time to run down the stairs.

"I could get used to this" mumbling I stumbled into the laundry room. Connor stood mumbling in the corner by the washing machine clutching his arms.

"Connor move" I exclaimed. He moved a few steps, still mumbling as I yet again made a shoving motion at the washing machine. It lurched out of the way to reveal a small door, something I had discovered as a young child. Connor sprang for it and threw it open, beginning to crawl up the hole it led to. I followed in pursuit, closing the door behind me and moving the washing machine back into place. I crawled into the sunlight at the back of the house as the sounds of the police officers running down the stairs filled my ears.

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