How To Feel

She wakes up and feels for the first time. It had never happened before. It's an experiment and there are more like her. Now she just needs to find them.


16. Defying Gravity

Panic zipped up my spine as I sat up, shoving Ben off the bed, pointing to the bathroom room. I leapt out of bed and kicked Connor as I through on his leather jacket.


"Shhh" I turned to Ben as the knocking grew more panicked, "Bathroom, lock the door, you don't wanna mess with these guys, if I tell you to run jump out of the window." I turned to Connor and motioned for him to stand by the door so if someone shot me he could deal with them. He stood silently and placed his hand on a lamp, which began to flicker steadily. I glanced at him and froze, I could hear his heartbeat. When I glanced at his life glow, or whatever it was called, I could hear it steadily beating to the same beat of the the flickering light. I blinked and motioned to the door, raised my right hand and slowly twisted the handle of the door mentally, and pulled it back, my left hand ready to kill whoever was past the door. It opened slowly to reveal... a kid, not a kid, a teenager, about a year younger than Connor.

"Thang go-" I grabbed his neck with my mind and shoved him against the wall, Connor closing the door quickly.

"Who sent you?" Connor commanded, walking over to stand behind me.

"Before I answer that very interesting question can you lower me, you are crushing my windpipe... and wings." My eyes grew large as I lowered him to the floor.

"Prove us or she'll do more than just choke you" the teenage boy smirked, rubbing his neck in discomfort.

"The cute one doesn't talk very much does she" He then began to pull off his clothing, which I just realized was a dressing gown. I grabbed the back of Connors hand and pleaded for him to notice it, this must be the kid from the news.

Wait, your right, he must be crazy. I froze and turned to Connor, realization flashing across his face and mine.

Holy- "Stop stripping, what the fuck are you doing?" Connor's discomfort would have made me laugh if it wasn't for the circumstances.

"Showing you my wings, like you wanted?" Connor glanced at me, trying not to squirm, "Do you not want me to?" I continued to stare at the guy, not sure what to believe or trust. He met my gaze with a cold hard stare, but underneath I could see the pain, the broken spirit, and the worry. I nodded my head slowly, and say relief flood his face. He had gained a little bit of leverage and trust, at least in his mind, and he clearly had wanted to prove himself.

"Then I need to remove my hospital gown. Hey dude, got any spare pants? Cause this might get a little awkward for the lady." Connor sighed and frowned, walking over to the bed and grabbing his jeans. In a swift movement he chucked the jeans at the guy, who caught it with an amused look on his face.

"Change. Now." Connor commanded, returning his hand to the lamp, which began to flicker again. The guy glanced at the flickering lamp, and his eyes grew wide as he returned them to Connor's face.

"Isn't she gonna turn around?" He looked at me with interest and amusement, causing my face to flush, to my dismay. I stood still, glaring at him. Daring him to tell me to turn around.

"Ok then" He removed the gown, boxer briefs thankfully covering the lower region. My face cooled as he pulled on the jeans and turned around. Why didn't he turn around to change? He was starting to creep me out, his pale skin held scars, standing out against it. His hair, though a beautiful brown was patchy in some places, as if it had been shaved. I definitely felt bad for him, but my instincts told me that he was full of shit.

“We are waiting” Connor tapped his foot impatiently, the flickering lamp proving just how nervous he is.

“Please just don’t scream, based on electric boy over here you have no right.” I glared at him as he turned around slowly, constantly glancing to see wether or not we were moving. He finished turning and I gasped. Long white scars stretched from his shoulder blades to his lower back, but were interrupted by dazzling grey feathers, curving down the back of his spine. He slowly unfurled the arching wings away from his spine to show his huge wingspan. A collections of blacks whites and grays created a beautiful combination of colors. My heart beat quickly as I gazed at his back muscles, moving and twisting to support the beautiful extension coming off of his back.

“So what can you guys do?” I glanced away as he turned around. The cockiness had vanished, showing just how vulnerable he was. He was depending on us having powers, to be able to include him, but he still could have been a spy, someone sent to kill us.

“First things first” I commanded, walking towards him as he pulled his wings in.

“And she speaks” I smiled a little, lifting him up with my powers, pressing him against the wall.

“Tell me the truth, are you with them. Remember I can always tell if someone is lying, and if you are I will kill you without a thought. These two days have hardened me quite a bit, and you don’t want to test me.”

“Yeah about that, we should get going. They are after me to, and from what I heard, they want all of us dead.” I released him quickly and tried to formulate a plan, because, sadly, he wasn’t lying.

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