How To Feel

She wakes up and feels for the first time. It had never happened before. It's an experiment and there are more like her. Now she just needs to find them.


1. Am I Okay?

In three hours I will be dead. I have decided to end my own life before they find me. I hope that once enough people read this people will speak up. II can’t risk any one else getting hurt because of me. It’s not fair. My name was Aednat or Addie for short. I was an only child. My parents were both scientists who loved their job. They are dead. My father was obsessed with two things. Genetics and taekwondo. My mother was cold and calculating. She was always working and never really cared about me. I knew I wasn’t normal. I just never knew why. I never felt anything. As simple as that. That was until my sixteenth birthday.

I woke up and threw up. I don’t normally throw up. I never throw up. I turned and I heaved. Then my parents came running into my room.

“Her BP its rising”

“Look at her pulse, it’s racing”

“She’s scared. She isn’t supposed to feel anything.”

“A wire detached”


“I don’t know”

My mother and Father crouched next to each other acting as if I couldn’t hear a thing. The room spun as a tingling feeling ran up my back and stabbed me in the heart.I had never felt this, or anything for that matter before. I had never felt anything and yet here I was hyperventilating as my pulse skyrocketed.

“Mom? Dad? What are you talking about?” They paused as if they had just realized I was there. I was confused and shaken as I looked at the file in my fathers hand. “Test Subject 001” it read. A picture of my face was plastered across the cover. I had never noticed that. I had never felt the need. I had never been… curious? Was that the word? An idea of what was going on filled my mind along with the feeling I decided to call fear.

“What am I?” I whispered. I never thought of what was wrong with me. I thought I was born this way, but what if I wasn’t?

“You are normal-” I yanked the folder out of fathers hands. I began to flip through. I froze at the pictures of a surgery. A person lay face down against the table with the flap of their skin over their skull open. A small metal disk sat right against the brain. I shuddered and reached my hand to the back of my head. A small lump sat perched above my neck. I gulped as clarity pushed through my thoughts. I had never thought about my quirks until now. What was that thing doing on the back of skull?

“Am I a test subject?” I whispered mostly to myself. I saw my father lift his head with fear behind his eyes as my mother shook her head no.

“You are normal” she repeated, but less sure. “Do not leave this house. You are sick. Understand?” I nodded and sunk back into the covers. I was so worried and suspicious. They had to be keeping something from me. They left the room muttering to each other. My father turned once more as he was closing the door. The fear still remained as he closed the door tight.

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